SONO – Flames Get Higher

SONO (Lat.: make a sound; be heard; Esperanto: sound) is a band from Hamburg, Germany and was started in 2001 by Lennart A. Salomon (vocalsGuitarFlorian Sikorski (Keyboards) and Martin Weiland (KeyboardsDJ).

Stylistically, SONO is somewhere between Pop and Electronica.

F. Sikorski and M. Weiland have been producing music together since 1995 and pursuing careers within the music industry. F. Sikorski is a sound engineer and runs a music studio, “Maratone Music.” MadonnaBritney Spears and Kelly Clarkson, among others, have recorded and mixed there. M. Weiland is active in the commercial music business in labels and sales.

L. A. Salomon, originally a drummer, singer and guitarist for a large number of local bands around Hamburg, joined in 2001, marking the founding of SONO. He works as a composer and musician and runs, among other things, the funk and rock band project Jerobeam.

Musically, SONO could be categorized widely as pop, with strong influences from technohouse, and electro. This musical diversity has provided SONO with a considerable number of fans from various music scenes.

Aside from studio projects, SONO performs in various live constellations, from DJ live sequencing sets to stage performances including a large rhythm section.

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