CRIS CAB – Liar Liar

Cris Cab was born in Miami, Florida on January 21, 1993. His music combines soulful singing mixed with reggae and hip/hop to create a very unique sound. He is of 100% Cuban background and spent most of his childhood growing up between Miami and the Bahamas.

Cris said during an interview, “Ever since I was 9 years old, the Bahamas was like my second home to Miami. I blend a lot of styles that come from those two cultures. The similar, tropical climate of those two places blends really well with the music.”

Cab first picked up a guitar when he was 11 years old and taught himself how to play. It was around the age of 13 that he started singing. Through constant practice, Cris was able to hone his skills and style. He also spent his hours listening to the soulful music of artists such as Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Barry White. These styles of music can be seen throughout his music.

Cab said of his childhood, “I didn’t have a car or anything. I just stayed in my room for hours and hours playing music. I just fell in love with it. I would play around with the chords and kind of just figured out what worked for me.”

The combination of hip-hop and reggae can be seen heavily in his two remixes of the songs “All of the Lights” and “Black and Yellow.” In these two songs we can really see how Cris brings his unique talents to the table. He is able to strip down these songs to their bare minimum and recreate it with a soulful, reggae beat.

Cris said about these two songs, “I sat down with my production partner, P.J. McGinnis, and we worked on finding the right chord progression. I wanted to bring the song down to my comfort level and rework it into my own style. It enabled the audience to to hear my style through two songs that were already popular and out there.”

Cris has also worked with musical legend Pharell.

Cris said, “I met Pharell through a friend. I played him some music and he gave me a lot of great pointers. About a year later I brought him some more music. He really liked it and encouraged me to keep making music. He has really taken me under his wing.”

Through the guidance of Pharell, Cris looks to bolster his spot in the music business. On June 7, he released his debut EP entitled appropriately, “Foreword”. He is also currently embarking on his first tour.

He will be making stops all up the east coast showcasing his new, refreshing sound. Through the guidance of Pharell and natural, raw talent, Cris looks to establish himself as one of the new up and coming artists.



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