PLEASUREKRAFT presents Kraftek Villains vol. 1

Pleasurekraft is very proud to present the first in their “Villains” series – which will feature tracks from some of their favorite up & coming producers, alongside some of their favorite already established DJ/producers. This first installment features 4 tracks of varying styles, from the deep through to some housey techno.

The first cut – “Got a Feeling” – by UK based Josh Butler saw a release on MTA records remixed by fellow countryman (and Kraftek regular) Bontan – however this version has a new bassline and a new arrangement by the Pleasurekraft boys themselves.

The second track from Spanish duo Raw Rootz – (one member being Cadenza’s own Scan Mode) is a driving groovy techno number – the most peak time track featured on the release.

From there we move to a brand new Canadain trio – Return of the Jaded with their tune “Lolita” which draws influences from an array of electronic genres and turns them into more than the sum of their parts.

Lastly – another group of Canadain producers – this time from Toronto – Subplot, and Cosella – whose brilliant tune “The Wire” is a lovely deep tech house number with a dark underbelly – inspired by the legendary HBO series “The Wire”.

From SoundCloud


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