STROMAE – Tous Les Mêmes

Tous les mêmes” (meaning “[They are] All the Same”) is a song by Stromae, released in 2013. The song has since its release peaked number one in both Belgium and France.

The music video that was released shortly after the song on YouTube on December 18, 2013 features Stromae partly dressed as a woman. The track shows the life of female Stromae, annoyed as he is with the attitude of men and what they do. Throughout the video, Stromae depicts various stereotypical remarks women make about men, accompanied by the non-verbal cues the other characters in the video make. The lighting effects in the video (blue light for male Stromae, pink light for female Stromae) aid the interpretation of the song.

Although the song has a controversial meaning, the overall picture Stromae is trying to show is the various traits and behaviours of men and women alike. As Stromae has stated multiple times, the ideas and topics for his songs are mostly from the experiences he has had in his personal life. Notable examples are “Alors on danse” and “Papaoutai“.

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