(WE ARE) NEXUS – World Around Me

(We Are) Nexus is an American electronic dance music act consisting of composer/producer Nick Gunn and lyricists/vocalist Carmen Rainier. The group officially formed in late 2012 in ChicagoIL.

Gunn and Rainier met in 2010 in Santa Barbara, CA and began working together immediately on an album for Gunn’s World music career, Thirty-One Nights, released in September 2012. They began producing dance music together in 2012 and (We Are) Nexus was formed.

Nick Gunn

Nicholas Graham Gunn was born on 30 May 1968 in RochesterKent in South East England. He enjoyed playing the flute, and studied with the prestigious Royal Academy of Music from age seven till age eleven, when his family moved to Southern California. After moving to Southern California Gunn continued his classical flute studies under private instruction. During junior high school and high school Gunn played wind ensemble in the band during concert season and drums and percussion during the marching season.

With a passion for recording his own instrumental style of music out of high school, Gunn has enjoyed a successful twenty year career in World music under the name Nicholas Gunn. He has recorded and produced fourteen albums in this genre and is a double platinum artist.

He has also been on the Billboard New Age charts for fifty consecutive weeks with his albums, “The Sacred Fire,” “The Music of the Canyon,” and “Thirty One Nights.” Gunn also owned and operated his own record label, Gemini Sun Records, which represented over seventy five artists worldwide and grew to be one of the top New Age music labels.  Gemini Sun closed in 2009.

Carmen Rainier

Carmen Rainier was born Dana Lauren Kemmerle on 14 November 1982 in ScarboroughME. Upon moving to Southern California at the age of nine, she began acting, forming a teen acting group in Los Angeles during high school and acting in local community productions such as Tony Kushner’s Angels in America.

Leaving college after her sophomore year, Rainier spent most of her twenties traveling, having visited nearly twenty countries and living abroad in SpainCosta Rica, and Guatemala. She eventually returned to the U.S. in 2010 and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to complete a degree in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. It was during this time that Rainier began singing seriously and when she began working with Gunn.

In addition to being Nexus’ lyricist and vocalist, Rainier is the owner and operator of Shotgunn Productions, the record label through which Nexus’ first two EPs were released and the ASCAP registered publishing arm overseeing the (We Are) Nexus and Nicholas Gunn music catalog.

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