INDILA – Dernière Danse

Adila Sedraia (born 25 March 1979 ParisFrance), best known as Indila, is a French female R&B singer and songwriter.

She sang with famous French rappers like NessbealRohffTLFSoprano and Youssoupha and has co-written with them in addition to co-writing with or for M. PokoraAdmiral T, DJ Abdel and Axel Tony.

“Dernière danse” released in December 2013 charted in France reaching the SNEP Top 2.

“Dernière danse” is a song recorded by French singer-songwriter Indila. It served as the first single from her debut album, Mini World.

The music video was filmed in November 2013 and premiered on 4 December 2013. The music video is a short film taking place in Paris, describing the story of a young immigrant who has to deal racism on a daily basis. The video is directed by Sylvain Bressollette.

The video starts off with a short panoramic view of the city. The video then switches between the scene of Indila getting kicked out from the home that she worked and the scene of her being on a hill opposite the Eiffel Tower, staring at the photo of her family.

As she tries to pick up her suitcase, she gets hit by a man walking on the sidewalk whom she then starts staring at. After a while, as she is walking in the city, rain starts falling with heavy wind blowing. She leans by a wall where she sees a woman and a man under an umbrella getting in the car with the first staring at Indila.

She’s later seen standing in the middle of the street and even though the weather is getting worse, she starts remembering the scenes that happened on that day; getting kicked and pushed as well as people staring at her.

As the storm gets in the town, Indila starts walking on the opposite direction than the rest are running to–towards the storm, whom later covers her as she falls on her knees. The video then ends with Indila on the hill where the wind blows away the photo of her family with the logo of the singer being shown at the end.

The music video has currently more than 40 million views.

On the release day of the song, a lyric video was uploaded on the artist’s Vevo channel. The video starts off with the title and a sketched version of the singer and after the song finishes, the sketch is filled up with black.

After the music video premiered, the video was re-uploaded, this time with German subtitles. However, the video is only available in Germany.

On March 1, 2014, it entered the Greek charts on the first place and has stayed at the first place for seven weeks.

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