DJ FRESH vs. Jay Fay feat. Ms Dynamite – Dibby Dibby Sound

Daniel Stein (born 11 April 1977), best known as DJ Fresh, is an English record producer and DJ known for making drum and bass and dubstep.

He was one of the principal members of drum & bass supergroupBad Company, alongside Darren White (dBridge), Jason Maldini, and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas). He also owns and runs the pioneering drum & bass label Breakbeat Kaos with Adam F. 

DJ Fresh released his third studio album, Nextlevelism in October 2012, which includes the hit singles “Louder“, “Hot Right Now“, “The Power“, “The Feeling” and “Gold Dust“.

Along with the three other members of Bad Company, Fresh founded the record label BC Recordings, as well as the website Dogs on Acid. Bad Company are heralded as one of the finest drum & bass acts ever, having produced numerous genre-defining tracks.

Undoubtedly their most renowned track is “The Nine”, a track released in 1998 when Fresh was just 21 years old. “The Nine” was later voted the greatest drum & bass track of all time by readers of Knowledge Magazine.

Resuming his solo career in 2002, Fresh founded Breakbeat Punk, which merged with Adam F‘s Kaos Recordings to become Breakbeat Kaos in 2003.  In 2004 Dogs on Acid was given its own imprint.

In 2006, Fresh released his first studio album, Escape from Planet Monday, featuring “The Immortal”, “X Project”, “Nervous” and “All that Jazz” on Breakbeat Kaos.

In 2009 Fresh released a 12″ of “Heavyweight” (with Fantasia on the B side) on the Digital Soundboy label. “Heavyweight” had a different style from Fresh‘s usual output, and gained positive reviews and a general positive response through the underground scene and within various radio stations.

Fresh subsequently released “Hypercaine” (including a remix from Nero in September 2009) and made BBC Radio 1‘s daytime playlist.

On 1 August 2010, he re-released his song “Gold Dust” featuring vocals from Ce’Cile, where it peaked 24 in the UK and 39 in Ireland, it marked his first Top 40 hit in both countries. On 16 August, he released his second studio album, “Kryptonite” where it peaked 4 on the UK Dance Chart.

He then released his follow-up single called “Lassitude” with Sigma featuring vocals from Koko. It managed to peak 98 on the UK Singles Chart and 11 on the UK Dance Chart.

Louder“, the first single from his third album Nextlevelism, was released on 3 July 2011. The song was used as part of a Lucozade Lite advertising campaign in the UK and Ireland.

The song features vocals from Welsh singer Sian Evans from the band Kosheen and peaked number 4 on the Irish Singles Chart and was the first ever dubstep number one on the UK Singles Chart.

On 12 February 2012, the second single “Hot Right Now“, featuring British Albanian singer Rita Ora, became his second number one in the UK, and the first drum and bass song to chart at number one in the UK. The third single from the album, “The Power“, which features rapper Dizzee Rascal, was officially released on 3 June 2012.

Following the release of his fourth single, “The Feeling“, which features rapper RaVaughn, on 23 September 2012, DJ Fresh released his new album Nextlevelism on 1 October 2012.

Nextlevelism” includes the hits “Hot Right Now“, “Louder“, “The Power“, “Gold Dust“, “The Feeling” and features Rita OraDizzee RascalRizzle KicksProfessor GreenMs DynamiteThe Fray and Liam Bailey.

Stein is currently working on his fourth studio album which is due for release in 2014. The album’s lead single, “Earthquake“, is a collaboration with Diplo and Dominique Young Unique. The song was released on 18 August 2013 and managed to reach number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. An edited version titled “Motherquake” was produced and released specifically for the film Kick-Ass 2.

The album’s second single, “Dibby Dibby Sound”, samples the song “Dibby Dibby” by moombahton producer Jay Fay and features additional vocals from Ms. Dynamite. The song is credited as DJ Fresh vs. Jay Fay. The song received the title of  Zane Lowe‘s “Hottest Record in the World”.

The third single from the album, “Make U Bounce“, is credited as DJ Fresh vs. TC featuring Little Nikki. The song is a rework of TC’s previously unreleased 2012 song “Make You Bounce” and will be released on 22 June 2014.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

“Dibby Dibby Sound” is a song by English producer DJ Fresh and American producer Jay Fay featuring vocals from English singer Ms. Dynamite.

It was released on 2 February 2014 as the second single from his forthcoming fourth studio album. The song was written by Dan SteinThe Invisible MenNiomi McLean-Daley and Joshua Fagin.

It premiered on Zane Lowe‘s BBC Radio 1 show, who made it the week’s Hottest Record in the World on 29 October 2013.

The song heavily samples Jay Fay’s 2013 song “Dibby Dibby”, featured on T&A Records‘ Moombahton Forevercompilation album. Jay reworked the song with Fresh, and Ms. Dynamite’s vocals were added later.

When asked, “What’s your single Dibby Dibby Sound all about?” by Andrew Williams of Metro UK, Fresh responded, “It’s a fun piece of music – fun is what that track stands for. Ms. Dynamite‘s on it.

She co-wrote “Gold Dust” with me so I see it as a sequel to that. I get involved with writing – some producers send backing tracks to people and get a song sent back. That’s not how I operate. The song is a really important part of the track”.

In addition, Fresh conducted his own “extensive research of traditional Brazilian drum beats to re-create an authentic carnival sound, re-playing and re-creating individual drum beats and sounds himself”.

The music video for the song was released onto Fresh‘s YouTube channel on 16 December 2013. It had a total length of three minutes and twenty seconds.

Directed by The Sacred Egg, who had previously directed the Breach videos Jack and Everything You Never Had, the video was shot in Middlesex. The production crew built large stacks of speaker cabinets around a house.

Lewis Corner of Digital Spy blog gave the song a mixed review, stating:

After 15 years in the drum ‘n’ bass game and having created some of the genre’s most popular tunes, it’s fair to say DJ Fresh ruffled a few feathers when he decided to go electro-reggae-hip-hop on last year’s Diplo-assisted ‘Earthquake’.

He’d sold out, apparently, although he was quick to silence the cynics when we spoke to him about it, insisting: “I feel like I’m in a place where I can make whatever sort of sound I want”. For his follow-up, he’s teamed up with 19-year-old US producer Jay Fay and re-worked his original ‘Dibby Dibby Sound’ into three and a half minutes of stomping electro-bass.

“Shout it out, put up your hands high,” guest singer Ms Dynamite chants over a pulsing bounce before a head-spinning chorus drops that harks back to Basement Jaxx. Its immediate rush wears off soon enough, but nonetheless, this brash and bolshy piece of carnival pop is the sound of a man who’s very much large and in charge.

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