JAY HARDWAY – Bootcamp

Jobke Heiblom better known as Jay Hardway (born 27 April 1991) is a Dutch DJ, producer and drummer.

He is signed to Universal Music Publishing. He is best known for co-writing “Wizard” with Martin Garrix.

 The 2013 single became an international hit charting in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

The two had already collaborated in “Registration Code” in late 2012. 

Hardway has also worked with Sick Individuals which resulted in the track “Someday – You’re in My Head “.

In 2012 Jay and Martin Garrix released the single “Registration Code”.

In March 2013 they released the single “Error 404”.

In 2013 Jay also released the single “Someday – You’re in My Head” with Sick Individuals.

In December 2013 Jay and Martin released the single “Wizard“, the song has peaked to number 16 on the Dutch Singles Chart and number 7 on the UK Singles Chart.

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