GLANCE OFF feat. Nisey – Shadows

Glance Off is a new point of view by Waltek and Raffaele Iannucci.

Raffaele Iannucci !

DJ, producer and hard performer. Promoter of innovative projects, is one of the most attended dj on the Milanese console and guest in many european clubs.

A kaleidoscopic being stimulates his creative talent.

Waltek !

DJ, producer and sound engineer.

A polyhedric soul into the music. His electronic side, expressed as glance off, …

…  take inspiration by the european minimal inevitably contaminated with the special vibe of his land: Naples.

“I don’t really know if I’m a dj. When I am in my own studio I’m just in my sound, I feel the vibe in my stomach, and it’s enough for me.

This is an extraordinary experience, it’s an everyday journey and I will never arrive. I always walked with my feet, planted firmly on the ground, feeling all the effort. This is the energy that makes me keep moving forward.”

Glance Off to turn you on.

From SoundCloud and Facebook


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