CLOSE feat. Joe Dukie – My Way

Will Saul (born 1978, GlastonburyEngland) is a DJ, music producer and the man behind Simple Records and Aus Music.

Will Saul started his first record label, Simple Records in 2003, after having worked at Sony International’s A&R department for two years.

It was when subsequently working for the legendary Koobla records and then Phonica that he had his eyes fully opened to the wonderful world of house and techno.

Simple Records is one of the leading lights of the more melodic side of house music – releasing music from the label’s core artists (Saul, Sideshow) as well as the likes of Vector Lovers, Marc Romboy and Motorcitysoul.

February 2005 saw the release of Simple One, a compilation which encapsulates the labels sound – edgy and deep but tuneful and organic.

In early summer of the same year, Will followed with the release of his debut artist album Space Between, a soulful and melodic journey geared towards home listening rather than the dancefloor.

Will started Aus Music in 2006 with Sideshow (Fink on Ninja Tune).

The label explores the more leftfield and experimental side of house, techno, dub and downtempo, with releases from cutting edge artists such as Motorcitysoul, Lee Jones, Martyn, Appleblim, Ramadanman, Joy Orbison, Shur-I-Kan and Midland.

Over the last few years Will has gained an admirable reputation as not only a DJ, but also a talented A&R and producer, thus in 2009 Will released a three-disc contribution to EQ Recordings highly regarded Balance series.

Will was also a resident at the legendary London club The End for many years before it closed its doors in January 2009.

Will Saul took over on the decks on Radio 1’s Essential Mix on 27th April, 2013.

He is also Jewish.

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 and Resident Advisor

Selected discography


Cliff (Infusion remix) – Simple 12”
Fast Lane (Fink remix) – Simple 12”

Digital Watch – Simple 12”
I got rhythm (Nathan Coles remix) – 10 Kilo 12”
No Love – Disconnection (Precision Cuts v Will Saul remix) – Marine Parade 12”
Malfunction (Meat Katie remix) – Simple 12”

Animal Magic (DJ T remix) – Simple 12”
Tic Toc (Swayzak remix) – Simple 12”
Space Between – Simple CD
Mbira (Infusion remix) – Simple 12”
Simple One – Simple CD

Content (Jesse Rose) – ‘It’s So…’ (Will Saul Remix) – Simple 12”
Jen EP (Phonique Remix) – Systematic 12”
Chicken Lips – Motion Sickness (Will Saul Remix) – Adrift 12”
Where Is It? Feat. Ursula Rucker (Evil Nine remix) – Air 12”

Will Saul – Simple Sounds LP/Mix CD – Simple CD/x3 12’ EP’s (Sep-Dec)
Wow & Flutter – ‘Tape Replay’ (Will Saul Remix) – Fresh Meat 12” (Dec)
Phonique – Bang (Will Saul Remix) – Dessous 12” (Sep) Will Saul & lee Jones – Hug The Scary (Partial Arts Remix) – Aus Music 12” (July)
Emanuel Tur – Acorado (Will Saul Remix) – Freerange 12” (April)
Siskid – The Architect (Will Saul Remix) – Initial Cuts 12” (March)
Sequential Circus (Konrad Black Remix) – Simple 12” (Feb)
Pause (Isolee Remix) – Simple 12” (Jan)

Marc Romboy – ‘Elif’ (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – Systematic 12” (July)
Warbgasm – ‘Dead Arm’ (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – Hypercolour 12” (June)
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – ‘Tech Noir’ (Jamie Jones/Phonique Remixes) – Simple Records 12” (May)
2 Armadillos – ‘Patience’ (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – Four Twenty 12” (May)
Chymera – ‘Wish’ (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – NRK 12” (April)
Steve Lawler – ‘Sleepwalking’ (Will Saul &Tam Cooper Remix) – Tsuba 12” (March)

Will Saul Feat. Ursula Rucker – ‘Where Is It?’ Re-loved for 2009 along with Steve Bug Remix – Simple 12” (Nov)
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – ‘Teddy’s Back’ (dOp Remix) – Simple 12” (October)
Cortney Tidwell – ‘Palace’ (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix) – Aus Music 12” (October)
The Juan Maclean – ‘Happy House’ (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix) – DFA 12” (September)

Appleblim & Ramadanman – ‘Justify’ (Will Saul Remix) – Applepips 12” (July)
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – ‘Through The Smoke’ – Systematic 12” (June)
Will Saul/Various Artists – All Night Long Mix CD/Vinyl EP’s – Aus Music (May)
2020 Soundsystem – ‘Falling’ (Will Saul Remix) – 2020 Vision 12” (May)
Solomun – ‘Jungle River Cruise’ (Will Saul Remix) – Leibe*Detail 12” (April)
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – ‘In & Out/3000AD’ I:Cube Remixes – Simple 12” (April)
Will Saul & Mike Monday – ‘Zippo’ – Buzzin’ Fly 12” (Feb)

Will Saul + Mike Monday – ‘Sequence 1’ – Aus Music (September)
Scuba – ‘Latch’ (Will Saul Mike Monday remix) – Hotflush (September)
Steve Lawler – ‘Sleepwalking’ – Will Saul + Tam Cooper remix (November)

Will Saul + Tam Cooper – ‘Hi-Lo’ / ‘Room In Your Heart’ – Simple (February)



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