COSMO KLEIN – Diggin For Gold

Cosmo Klein (born Marcus Klein on November 1, 1978) is a German singer and songwriter.

Cosmo Klein was born in Lippstadt, Germany. At the age of ten, he and his parents moved to Texas, where he expanded his interest in music and started playing the guitar. Three years later the family returned home after the end of his father’s deployment in El Paso.

Back in Germany Cosmo decided to leave school before his highschool graduation, instead founding his own event agency Smartcorehotel. By a fortunate coincidence he was introduced to singer Sasha, who engaged Klein to write for his second album and helped him to sign a contract with Warner Music.

As a result Cosmo released his bilingual debut album This Is My Time in 2003. The CD spawned three singles, including the radio hits “All I Ever Need” and “Baby Don’t Cry”.

Afterwards he teamed up with newcomer Maya Saban for their duet “Das Alles Ändert Nichts Daran”. The song managed to peak at number 11 on the German singles charts and became Kleins biggest chart success to date.

After months of writing and recording Klein‘s second album, Human (originally planned to be released in January 2006) was finally released in August 2006. So far, the album has spawned two singles with “Nothing to Lose”, and “I Love You”.

While he proved to be a brilliant songwriter by writing his first top ten hit for a German popstar, with the age of 23, followed by more than 10 top twenty singles and having released two albums himself in Germany, the electronic music should open up the gates to international success.

The in Berlin living singer cooperated with acts like JeanElan, Syke n Sugarstar, Denis Koyu, DBN, Keemo, Joachim Garraud, Inpetto, TimRoyko as a featured artist.

The combination of finest songwriting, a great Liveclubbing show with 200 worldwide bookings a year and his amazing voice let him become known within the worldwide scene amazingly fast. His solosingle „By tonight“ was released onTocadisco´s label Toca45, who also worked out the mainmix to this nightlifeanthem.

2013 Cosmo is teamed up with the 8th Note from Israel & their partner Nilson from the Netherlands, to bring you another great track called „Too good to be true“.

Further more Cosmo is brought out another cooperation with his producer friend Tim Royko from Germany, with whom he already released the song „Everlasting Now“ in 2011. „Big City Nights“ is a combination of reggaesounds & progressive beats, which again reflects Cosmo´s philosophy of breaking in musical boundaries.

THE FACTS: Teaming up with Syke n Sugarstarr & DBN from Hamburg he hits the Dancecharts in several countries like Britain, Spain, Austria, France andstaying on No. 1 for several weeks in Germany with „My Belief“.

The Song BEAUTIFUL LIE, a cooperation with Keemo & Tim Royko became a huge No. 1 Hit in Portugal and Brazil. In Portugal his fans let Cosmo win the BEST LIVE ACT AWARD 2011 of Nova Era Radio.

5 Million clicks on YouTube only for BEAUTIFUL LIE speak for itself. The song FEEL ALIVE, written & composed by Cosmo & JeanElan also reached international awareness hitting the floors and radiostations in Mexico, Canada, USA, Russia and Germany reaching 4 Million clicks on YouTube up to now.

FEEL ALIVE and the single with producer Tim Royko called EVERLASTING NOW managed to manifest the rising success of Cosmo in Germany, internationally and especially in Portugal by being top ten airplay hits on national radiostations and finding huge support on the dancefloors as well.

2012 Cosmo released his first solosingle on Toca45, again rockin the danceloors and radiostations in several countries like Bulgaria, Portugal & Germany and hitting half a million Clicks on YouTube in only a few weeks.

2012 Cosmo Klein again played up to 200 gigs world wide visiting India, Dubai, Russia, Brasil, Austria etc.

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  • This Is My Time (2003)
  • Human (2006)
  • Let´s Work (The Phunkguerilla & Cosmo Klein) (2013) / Cosmopolytix


  • 2003: “All I Ever Need”
  • 2003: “Baby Don’t Cry”
  • 2004: “Addicted”
  • 2005: “Das Alles Ändert Nichts Daran” (with Maya Saban)

  • 2006: “Nothing to Lose”
  • 2006: “I Love You”
  • 2008: Beautiful Lie – Keemo & Tim Royko feat. Cosmo Klein (Alphabet city/ Kontor)
  • 2010: My Belief – Syke n Sugarstarr feat. Cosmo Klein (Weplay Rec.)

  • 2010: Sexual Insanity – Tim Royko feat. Cosmo Klein (Pacha Rec.)
  • 2011: Feel Alive – Jean Elan feat. Cosmo Klein (Weplay Rec.)
  • 2011: No Satisfaction – Syke n Sugarstarr feat. Cosmo Klein
  • 2012: By Tonight – Cosmo Klein

  • 2012: Gimme some love – Mark Bale feat. Cosmo Klein (Weplay Rec.)
  • 2012: All About Us – Jean Elan & Cosmo Klein
  • 2013: Pray Now ! – The Phunkguerilla & Cosmo Klein (Cosmopolytix)
  • 2013: Too good to be True – The 8th Note & Nilson feat. Cosmo Klein
  • 2013: Big City Nights – Cosmo Klein & Tim Royko (Cosmopolytix)


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