Vangelis Kostoxenakis aka Angel Stoxx, Phatjak was born in sunny Greece in late 70s.

He discovered his passion for music in the early years of high school.

This passion drove him later on studying sound engineering and music production in Mixing Is Art Laboratories in Athens, in order to discover and unveil the secrets of music production.

With a dedication of more than 15 years in music, the first signs of success were given in 1999 with his debut record (”Circus”) that he produced along with his friend and partner in crime Evan Kay.

The boys released under the alias of ”Mod Squad” on Liverpool’s legendary label Glow Records and managed to sell 5000 vinyl copies, not a lot for the time but a good number for a debut release.

The record found immediate support by the players of the time, highlighting Roger Sanchez who honored the track on one of his DJ mixes for DJ mag.

Phatjak project was born 2 years after. During that period of time Vangelis studied sound engineering and music technology, which proved to be wise and helpful tools for the years to come.

During the shining days of progressive house, Vangelis was into disco and tech/funk house.

He found inspiring the sound of the French scene and he is fascinated by it until now.

His influences of discofunk, phat beats and phat basslines where the secret ingredients to hype up the project Phatjak which became widely known in 2005 with the release ”Dirty Sunday”, on Dave Seaman’s Audio Therapy.

Phatjak’s unique treatment and approach on disco, electro and progressive elements led to a sound that many djs and producers found appealing and distinctive.

Phatjak established in 2006 with the remix on Frank Beckers “Color me blind” on Baroque, which became a classic.

Since then he counts more than 100 releases on originals and remixes on labels such as Hope, Baroque, Extrema, Deep, Flow, System, Armada, Anjuna, Nascent, Twisted Frequency, Toolroom, LONS plus many more.

DJing was always a passion for Vangelis. As he’s no stranger to the turntables his live sets were listened by crowds from almost all over the world.

From Brazil to Ukraine and Mexico to Portugal and Amsterdam, Angel Stoxx inspired and mostly got inspired.

He shared the decks with many DJs such Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, 16Bit Lollitas, John Digweed, David Morales and more.

Currently he is an official artist of super hot label owned by Manuel De La Mare, Alex Kenji & Luigi Rocca “Hotfingers”, on which released in 2011 and enjoyed for six weeks in a row #3 on Beatports top 100, the track “I dropped my E on the dancefloor”.

The success story was similar with the second concept release “I found my E in your pocket” .

The last two years Angel Stoxx is focusing entirely on his solo career, targeting releasing music on the most influential and popular labels such as:

Toolroom which released the single “Im just a drummachine” (one of Mark Knight’s favorite singles for 2011 as mentioned on his podcast),

“You are the one” on Acquaviva’s Definitive, “The sound of my voice” on 303Lovers, “Balkan Clouds” on Stefano Noferini’s Deeperfect,

“Kings & Queens” on Dirty Harris’s Maquina Music, “Addiction” on Mastiksoul’s 4kenzo (licensed on latest Dirty Dutch Compilation by DJ Chuckie) are some of Angel Stoxx’s big records for 2010-2011.

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Basic Info
Location Athens, Greece

Genre Tech House, DeepTech

Members Angel Stoxx

Hometown Glyfada, Athens

Record Label Toolroom, Deeperfect, Hotfingers, Avenue, Keno, 303lovers, Kinetika & more

General Manager Angel Stoxx

Current Location Athens

Selected discography 

Angel Stoxx-Doll-E- EP FORTHCOMING on Frequenza Limited
Angel Stoxx-Angels&Daemons EP FORTHCOMING on Influential
Angel Stoxx-The sound of my voice FORTHCOMING on Hotfingers

Angel Stoxx-U R the 1 FORTHCOMING on Definitive
Angel Stoxx-I am just a Drumachine on Toolroom #15 Beatport (techno)
Angel Stoxx-I dropped my E on the dancefloor EP on Hotfingers

Angel Stoxx-Hooked Up on Hard Disko Records
Angel Stoxx-Down&Low on Ibiza 2010 mix CD by Presslaboys by Plusquam
Angel Stoxx-Close your eyes on Inkfish

Angel Stoxx-North Pole Sessions on Rococo
Angel Stoxx-Stay with you on Room 69
Angel Stoxx-Close your eyes on Inkfish

Angel Stoxx-Misery on Dirty Players
Angel Stoxx-Spool on Inkfish (Reached 3 on Beatport Deep House)
Angel Stoxx-Extensions on Portamento

Angel Stoxx-Up yours Mr.Van on Audio Logic
Angel Stoxx-Aftertime on Bonzai
Angel Stoxx-Crashed EP on Mokilok

Angel Stoxx-Wake me up on System
Angel Stoxx-Falling in love on System
Angel Stoxx-Poronoshop on Bonzai

Angel Stoxx-Margharitas EP on Toolroom
Angel Stoxx-Polyloved on Nine Recs.
Angel Stoxx-Fantasia EP on Dumb

Angel Stoxx-Do what u want EP on Mokilok
Angel Stoxx-Machines EP on Mokilok
Angel Stoxx-Aint Nobody on d:Vision

Angel Stoxx-Isternia on Send Recs.
Angel Stoxx-Used on Flow
Angel Stoxx-Invasion on Flow

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