THE AVENER – Fade Out Lines

The Avener (born 23 January 1987 in Nice) in fact Tristan Casara, also known as Tyares is a French DJ and Music producer.

At the age of six Tristan Casara learned to play the piano and took lessons in classic music and jazz.

He also played in front of audiences and won several awards.

However, as a teenager he turned to electronic music in the field of house and deep house and made a name for himself as a DJ.

Among other things, he was a resident DJ at High Club in Nice from 2008 to 2010. His trademark is the Keytar (keytar).

He also began writing and producing music.

In Serial Records and Sony Music, he released a number of singles.

Along with DJ Mathieu Bouthier composed two tracks (including Beautiful, sung by Sophie Ellis-Bextor).

Casara’s breakthrough is in 2014 under the name The Avener.

He wrote Fade Out Lines sung by Phoebe Killdeer and the Short of Straws (Killdeer is also a singer in Nouvelle Vague) which became a club hit and toped the French pop charts in April 2014.

However, it took another four months, for the dance version to come back to the Top 100 and another one and a half month, until it advanced to the Top 5.

In September, the song was also published in Germany. It sat at number one on iTunes charts.

The debut album titled The Wanderings of the Avener is announced for the end of 2014.

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  • Feel the Love (2005)
  • Love Shine (mit Terri B!, 2009)
  • Midnight Rambler (2009)
  • Flying Love (2009)
  • Ozona (2010)

  • Missing (2010)
  • Royal Arp (mit Jean Piantoni)
  • In the Groove (mit Jean Piantoni, 2010)
  • Amour (Love Her) (featuring Max Fredrikson, 2011)
  • Can’t Wait (featuring Wesley Avery & I-Rock, 2012)

  • Voyage & Chantage (2012)
  • Potatoes (2013)
  • Leaving Paris (2013)
  • Elystar / Casara & Monier (2013)
  • Fade Out Lines (2014)

⭐ More about Tristan Casara + “Fade Out Lines” video on page 2 and 3


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