eXclusive : CLEAVAGE

Function DJ, live act, group
Gender male
Origin Netherlands
Genres deephouse
Site Site wearecleavage.com
E-mail wearecleavage@gmail.com
Booking via Site meanwhile.nl
Presence  facebookpage  soundcloud  twitter  youtube

The young and rising Dutch duo Cleavage, with an amazing live act (music & visuals), is a very big gift for the international house scene and already caused a stir in the Dutch house scene in a short period of time.

Cleavage introduces their all new style based on a combination of old Chicago house and Detroit techno, combined with new UK house sounds and an epic Synthpop flavour.

From Party Flock

Their one-in-a-million sound, that combines pop elements with a Detroit house vibe and a bunch of nineties influences, roars throughout the whole of Europe. Last month alone, they performed in Paris, Munich and they were touring the UK for 5 days.

It’s not just their sound that makes them loved by the crowds; they’re also well known for their spectacular live shows and their artistic videos that smoothly play up to the tracks.

Thus Cleavage puts an end to the assumption that dance acts are one-sided. Their artistic non-conformity – one of them is a former visual artist – leads to a multi dimensional concept instead.

With the launch of ‘Prove’, the duo confirms its status once again, as Tiësto named the track a ‘deep monster’. The clip is a Cleavage-worthy piece of art that lines up with previously released beauties such as ‘Jinx’ and ‘Need Someone’. Now that both members play a part in the video, Prove announces the start of a new phase: Cleavage goes naked.

From Top House Music Blog

The word Cleavage got a whole different meaning this year, when an Amsterdam producer-duo decided to name themselves exactly that. Their goal is to create music that everybody could go wild to, and so far they’ve pretty much nailed it.

Incorporating dominating bass lines and sensual vocal hooks creates their very catchy and soulful house that has been heating up many an Amsterdam club for the last couple of months.

Just exactly who the boys behind Cleavage are, is all a bit shrouded in mystery. Not entirely unintentional, by the way.

What we do know is that they both have had experience behind the decks as well as in the studio, having earned their stripes with earlier individual endeavours.  With their current project Cleavage, however, they are really starting to get some well-deserved recognition.

It all started with their first release ‘My Body’, which featured the same vocal sample made famous by the Waze & Odyssey remix to R. Kelly’s ‘Bump ‘n Grind’. My Body isn’t as heavy on the soul as the latter, but mellow and extremely danceable.

It was an immediate and sure-fire hit in the Netherlands this summer. Their following banger, ‘Prove’, fell nothing short of its predecessor, with a rich and luscious female vocal that aims straight for the heart and a drop that gives you the shivers.

By Milan van Ooijen for Deep House Amsterdam


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