MILLOK – I’m Trippin

Milo Kekic aka Millok – born August 1987 in Podgorica Montenegro.

Started organizing parties at the age of 15, this young guy slowly made his way into the house music, and is now making his path of what is sure to be a great music career.

Started deejaying during the millenium transition, he made his name in his city, and is now acclaimed and respected by the colleges in all the country.

Contemporary with his DJing improvements, he has been constantly increasing the quality of his producing skills, and eventually started paying off his efforts.

In summer of 2009, in collaboration with his mate Casey Gray, and later with Vlada Asanin, he released his first two singles on Sabb’s Nulogic Records, and also on Beatfreak records.

Later that year, he entered the world of production completely by completing some great deals with Dark Beat on STRAIGHT MUSIC, and with Cimelde Records.

Also, more tracks with his partner Dark Beat are yet to be released. No doubt here, that great producing and DJing talent of this guy is yet to be discovered.

His discographic history is getting bigger each day, with lots of tracks waiting for their label and these are confirmed and completed releases so far :

  • The Hit Beam (with Casey Gray) [Nulogic Records]
  • Montenegrian Butter (with Vlada Asanin) [Beatfreak Records]
  • Day Dreamer feat. Sylvia Moore (with Dark Beat) [Straight Music]
  • Brothers Keeper EP (incl. Ismael Rivas Factomania Remix) (with Dark Beat) [Cimelde Records]

  • Feel Tomorrow (Nulogic Records)
  • X Twins – People (Millok & Dark Beat Remix) [AtrefactRecords]
  • Lenny Soprano – Shift Shift (Dark Beat & Millok Remix) [Joyfull Family Records]
  • Hey Hey Yaa (with Drak Beat) [Starlight Music]

  • Vocaciones En Espana (with Dark Beat) [Umek’s 1605 Music Therapy]
  • You Read Me Wrong (with Sabb) [Zenbi Recordings]
  • Babaye (with Dark Beat) [Natura Viva Records]

  • Dark Beat & Millok – Don’t Talk Anymore [Trend records]
  • Manuel De Lorenzi ft. Renata – Amer E River (Dark Beat & millok Remix) [Recycle Records]

And more coming soon!!

From No Smoking Recordings

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