ARONCHUPA – I’m An Albatraoz

AronChupa is one of the five members of the Swedish group Hip/Hop/Dance group Albatraoz that during 2014 sold double platina with their super-hit (with the same name) “Albatraoz”. 

Their song sold double platina and has bean played over 16 million times all over Scandinavia.

In August 2014 AronChupa started up a solo-project where he released the song “I’m an Albatraoz” that quickly reached the top lists.

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Aron Michael Ekberg (born March 30, 1991), better known by name AronChupa, is a Swedish singer-songwriter, DJ,record producer, professional footballer and record label owner.

He is a member of electrohip hop group Albatraoz, formed in 2012. Aron also is member of the football club Byttorps IF, playing in the Swedish fourth division.

He gained prominence with his 2014 song “I’m an Albatraoz”, which reached number 1 on the Swedish Singles Chart and also topped the charts in Denmark.

Aron started his career as footballer in the Swedish fourth division football club Byttorps IF. In the club he met Måns Harvidsson, Nicklas “Savvo” Savvolainen, Andreas “Andy” Reinholdsson and Sahlberg “Salle” Rasmus and became friends.

In 2012 they founded the electrohip hop group Albatraoz and shortly after signed with Sony Music Sweden.

On August 2, 2013, was released their debut single, the self-titled “Albatraoz”.

The song reached thirty-six on the Swedish Singles Chart and remained on the chart for nineteen weeks.

“Albatraoz” was certified gold in Sweden.

In January 2014 the song reached 8.5 million plays on Spotify and the group toured to promote the song.

On April 18, 2014 the group released their second single, “Arriba”, but the song did not chart.

On August 8, 2014 he released his debut solo single, “I’m an Albatraoz”,[9] featuring the vocals of his sister Nora Ekberg.

Swedish singer and AronChupa’s sister Nora Ekberg provides vocals for the track.

The song was originally in a hip hop style, but a second version with electronic beats was chosen.

The song reached number one in Sweden and Denmark and the top 10 in Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Australia and the Netherlands.

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