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Ben Khan (born in 1992 in Oxfordshire) is a musician currently residing in London, United Kingdom. Khan makes dark electronic music, mixing neo-soul and R&B. Khan is signed to Blessed Vice.

Unlike most artists of his ilk, Khan’s primary instrument is guitar, and he claims listening to “mostly old-school” artists like B.B. King, Fleetwood Mac, and, Nirvana helped him develop his bluesy chops.

He then turned to hip-hop (Earl Sweatshirt, Pusha T, and Danny Brown are current favorites), making beats on an MPC after hearing J Dilla, and putting them online. (“I had a couple of friends rap on those beats,” he says, “but if Wu-Tang Clan were there, they would’ve absolutely killed it.”)

From Last FM

In late 2013 a demo called ‘Drive (Part 1)’ surfaced online, a mesmerizing transmission of hushed falsettos, menacing bass throb, electronic rhythms and mangled blues. Unprompted, the track pricked the ears of tastemakers and casual listeners alike and made him the ‘Most Blogged Artist’ on the Hype Machine. Second track ‘Eden’ followed and won the accolade of ‘Best New Music’ on Pitchfork, further fuelling the surge of excitement and intrigue.

Third installment ‘Savage’ was selected by Zane Lowe as his ‘Next Hype’ and greeted with enthusiasm across the board by now expectant fans, going straight to #1 in the Hype Machine tracks chart.

His first official release comes with ‘1992’ EP, released May 5th on his own imprint Blessed Vice, through Dirty Hit. Featuring fully mixed and mastered versions of the aforementioned tracks as well as new single ‘Youth’, it’s a heady invitation to Ben Khan‘s vibrantly escapist world, where swampy r&b, contemporary funk, bruised nocturnal soul and exuberant hip-hop brush up against evocative moods, personal lyrical narratives and an encompassing visual sensibility to create something new and audacious.

In approaching his craft, Ben is similarly informed by his cultural heritage – his father a Kashmir born artist specialising in raw design and textile, whose work appears as the backdrop toBen‘s first public image – the ideas and aesthetics of Eastern art and philosophy, along with his experience growing up in London and love of Western film, melding evolving and often abrasively disparate elements to a vivid and dynamic whole.

The self-made videos to his tracks offer further testament to this – visual collages channeling evocative imagery.

Displaying a deft confidence and musical maturity that is rare to find in an artist of only 21 years, combined with a sense of thrilling wide-eyed discovery, 1992 is a bold statement of intent that earmarks Ben Khan as one of the UK’s most exciting new artists.

From Primary Talent International

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