STUDIO DEEP feat. Dina Eve – Inside Me

Two DJ’s and musical minds Andrei Perry (Andrey Perestoronin) & Funkyeric (Vitaly ‘Vitomir’ Shilyaev) came together as Studio Deep in 2010.

From the very start they found that their union is not just a duet between two DJ’s – but a tandem of two «loving-the-same-sound» people.

They never prepared their tracklists for the parties – it’s always improvisation though having their own unique vision of deep house.

Searching for some new sounds they began to create their own music with deep bass, swirling percussions, and “warmness of the summer night”.

A lot of hard work and experimenting soon evolved into their own deep sound.

They have released on labels such as KDB records, Spindisc Recordings, Uxoa Dutxa Records, Soraya Records, Rebeat Records, Stada Records, Mycrazything Records, BQ Recordings, Aborigeno Music, Deep Zone Records, GSS Recordings, Sozvezdie Records, Crossworld Vintage, Teka Records, Prison Entertainment and their own Studio Deep Records.

Later on they release at german KDB Records label and became it’s residents.

STUDIO DEEP constantly collaborating with Phil Colors, Max Vertigo, Sevenever, Pavel Svetlove, Deep Revolution, Aquo, Encode, Dancaless, Ilya Pradov, Mars Needs Lovers, Trust Inc.

You can hear the beautiful voices of Sanna Heartfield, Dina Eve, Katinda, Liza Novikova, Anna Korona in their tracks.

From Soundcloud, Hear The World's Sounds


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