SERGE DEVANT – Fearing Love

When you’’re personally hand picked to share the stage with the world’s top DJ’s including being tagged by DJ Tiesto himself to open and close for him in NYC, you’ve got something.

Now armed with his new residency at Crobar, what he has is your attention.

Hear him perform and you will witness a skillful exhibition from one of the most promising young talents in the electronic industry today… we are talking about Serge Devant.

What makes Serge so distinctive? What makes his producing/DJ’ing skills so desirable?

It’’s the way he approaches the genre.

Being classically trained in the piano for 8 years at the prestigious Music School of St. Petersburg in the old Soviet Union, he presents his music as he would a classical piece.

He understands the power that well-orchestrated music has on human emotion and this shows in his high energy, suspenseful style of electronica.

Before coming to America, as a child, Serge always had music infused into his daily life.

His parents were deeply routed in the art community and enrolled Serge in music education at a young age.

When he came to New York, it was the legendary club Twilo in the late nineties that inspired him to pursue his current quest.

“The atmosphere…the energy…Twilo was a big influence on me in the late 90’s hearing different DJ’s from Europe” Serge recalls.

He started DJ’ing locally and that eventually led to production.

Channeling his immense musical background and combining it with his new found love for electronic music he began creating works that got attention.

One of the people to spot Serge’s talent was top trance diva vocalist Jan Johnston.

Known for her works collaborating with the likes of BT, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto, she was immediately impressed with Serge’s potential.

In 2004 they got together to create the single “Transparent” which was signed to Armin Van Buren’s label – Armada. The record was licensed and appeared on numerous compilations.

The well respected UK label, Lost Language then sought out Serge’s ability for a string of singles.

He completed mixes for Tilt and Lustral and released 3 vinyl EP’s.

With this success, Lost Language asked him to mix their prestigious series of compilations under the name “Exhibition 3”.

“Exhibition 3” hit the stores in November of 2005 and included 3 CD’s.

In early 2005, Crobar, one of the largest, most modern and award-winning clubs in North America, requested Serge to play with Tiesto.

A few gigs after that and Serge became the clubs youngest resident DJ.

To this day, Tiesto personally requests Serge to play with him each and every time he visits NYC.

Now, Serge frequently shares the stage with half a dozen more of the worlds DJ elite.

The new exposure allowed him to catch the eye of another talented diva, former Iio lead singer – Nadia Ali.

Nadia, being impressed with Serge’s classical training, asked him to work on her upcoming album as well as some tour dates, lending his piano skills during performances.

Serge gladly accepted the opportunity to express his abilities not only as a DJ but as a musician on stage.

This is where Serge Devant is different. His works are stylistically diverse, transcending the boundaries of electronic music and breaking the barriers of expression.

He’’s been quoted as saying:

“I get bored of doing the same style of music very quickly and usually when I sit down in the studio… I just start making what feels right at the moment… a certain bass line, guitar or chord progression could take my record anywhere and I let it take me there, and see what happens at the end”.

The result …A hard-hitting, riveting but classically beautiful sound that is way more than just “electronic”.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. …Welcome… to the music of Serge Devant.

From DJ Guide

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