CAMELPHAT – Art Of Work [EP]

With the “Art of Work EP” the mighty CamelPhat duo present their debut Great Stuff EP, after making their first appearance on the label, remixing D.Ramirez & Ceven Fisher’s “Restless”.

CamelPhat have crazy momentum currently with their chart topping records on labels such as Axtone, Nervous, Spinning Deep and Ultra.

Starting off with the percussion driven “Arabella” track.

Super tight low frequencies float below some haunting pads, while the musical effects and crisp hi-hats provide incredible energy.

Next up is the techno infused “Fia” stomper.

Kicking off with a funk injected bass pattern, which keeps the track moving forward.

Looped sounds and delay effects support the fun vocal snippets in a sleek way.

Closing off the EP with the cutting edge “Valentina” composition.

The boys followed a deeper, more spacey approach while still keeping the energy level high.

They tease with tiny melodies and a raw bassline to keep you locked into their groove!

From Viva La Electronica



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