EUROVISION 2015 : ”This Year’s Top Shots” pt. 1

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be the 60th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest musical event.

The contest will take place in Vienna, Austria, following Conchita Wurst‘s victory in the 2014 edition with her song “Rise Like a Phoenix“.

This will be the second time that Austria host the contest after holding its 1967 edition also in Vienna.

The contest will consist of two semi-finals, which will take place on 19 and 21 May, and a final, held on 23 May 2015.

The shows will be presented by Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer while Conchita Wurst will host the green room.

Forty countries will participate in the contest, with Australia debuting as a guest entrant, and Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Serbia returning.

Ukraine, however, announced their withdrawal due to financial and political reasons.

Eurovision Song Contest: Vienna 2015 will be the official compilation album of the 2015 Contest, put together by the European Broadcasting Union and will be released by Universal Music Group on 20 April 2015. The album will feature all 40 songs that entered in the 2015 contest, including the semi-finalists that failed to qualify into the grand final.

 Check page 2 for our first 10 shots of this year’s contest 😉


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