profile : SHARAM JEY

When it comes to dance music most people tend to automatically switch off and think of repetitive, unenlightened, brain-poaching drivel. However there are still a few DJs/producers out there who continue to burn the light bright and keep striving to push sound forward, … … onward and upward and find a way to take it […]

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profile : MIЯO GEE

MIROSLAV RADOSLAVOV GECHEV, born on June, 14th 1985, is an award-winning Bulgarian performer/composer/producer with many hits charted all around Europe. His credits include works for Universal Music France, Warner France, Universal Spain, EMI Switzerland. At the age of 6 he began his musical education in a piano instrument at the National Music School of Bulgaria […]

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profile : MATAN CASPI

Matan Caspi is undoubtedly one of the most refreshing electronic music producers coming out of the Israeli EDM scene right now. His music always shines a drop of well blended fusion of genres and originality. His productions constantly being internationally exposed and played by many top producers & DJ’s all around the world. 2010 – […]

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profile : PEP & RASH

     Composers, producers and DJ duo. Specialized in various house styles. It’s all about the melody. As upcoming DJs and producers in the worldwide dance scene, Dutch duo Pep & Rash know exactly how to deliver their tracks with the right hooks and energy. Exactly this talent will prove them to be a longlasting act […]

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M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. – Concorde

M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K.- Russian charismatic duo and house music “detonators”. M.E.G. – A Strong personality and a talent, endowed with passion for music.  M.E.G. has firmly fortified his status as one of the most popular DJs in Russia, with performances that has gone far beyond the borders of our country. M.E.G. plays in the best […]

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profile : STAN KOLEV

Haunting melodies, hypnotizing vocals and most of all heart quenching synths. It is this perfect signature sound that has earned Miami-based DJ/Producer, Stan Kolev, a place at the top of Progressive House music’s most respected and in demand producers.  Moving to Miami from Bulgaria at an early age, Stan began producing in 1996 by 2003 […]

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LUCAS & STEVE – Fearless

Dutch duo Lucas & Steve joins forces in 2010 and quickly starts to impress the scene with their their remixes of Red Carpet’s hit ‘Alright’ and Ruffneck’s dance classic ‘Everybody Be Somebody’.  Building a name with solid house productions, the duo scores a big hit with ‘Blinded’ in December 2014 before entering the new year […]

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LOÏC NOTTET – Rhythm Inside

Loïc Edward Nottet (born 10 April 1996) is a Belgian singer, who finished second in the third season of The Voice Belgique in 2014 … …and represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 which was held in Vienna, Austria, where he placed 4th with 217 points. Loïc Nottet auditioned for The Voice Belgique and […]

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SHOW N PROVE feat. Shakka – If Only

Show N Prove, born Ellis Taylor, is a Scottish music producer, DJ and musical artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Show N Prove’s career began when working with local acts in the Edinburgh Hip Hop scene in the early 2000s, and he received a breakthrough working with rapper Baby Blue by producing the track “Sometimes”. This led to […]

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