Cristian Varela has maintained for more than 20 years an excellent reputation within the international electronic music scene.

One of the friendliest characters you´ll meet, his experience and innate talent have gained him a privileged position amongst his fellow peers within the Electronic Music scene, and fast becoming one of Spain’s best exports and ambassador to the techno music.

A DJ, producer, composer, promoter and entrepreneur. A full-on artist!

One of Cristians best known qualities extend to his background as a classical composer and arranger.

He has been composing music for film, theatre, commercials and shows since 1986, and has released more than 150 music references on major record labels such as Sony / BMG, White & Black, Toolroom, Bedrock or Intec.

Whilst not forgetting he is also head honcho of his own record label, Pornographic Recordings, with more than 15 years of history, and continues betting for new and established producers.

Cristian Varela has managed to find a perfect balance between the recording studio and his extensive tour schedules.

His spectacular and energetic live mixing sets using three and four turntables at the same time are a unique performance to witness and it has marked the musical taste of several generations of clubbers, …

… who have enjoyed his music in major events like Awakenings festival among many others, or listen to his radio show broadcast on 70 radio stations from 30 countries.

He always advancing new technologies, is one of the few Beta testers Pioneer International and he was responsible for introducing in SONAR BCN first Final Scratch (mostly famous Traktor currently used by DJs).

Since 1996 he is also a professor at CEV-Madrid (School of Communication, Image and Sound).

Throughout his career Cristian Varela has been recognised with numerous awards given by respected organisations in the EDM industry.

Amongst them he was presented with Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards, Ibiza in 2007, and has been voted Best Spanish DJ on many occasions.

The last award under his belt is Best Techno DJ at DJ Awards 2013.

From Cristian Varela Official Page


Best Techno Dj (Dj Awards 2013),

Nominated Best DJ of the year (Vicious Awards 2012),

Nominated Best DJ Techno (Vicious Awards 2012),

Nominated Best Ibiza Party “Pornographic Label Nights” (Vicious Awards 2012),

Nominated Best Festival “Electrobeach Festival 2012” (Vicious Awards 2012),

Nominated Best DJ of the year (Vicious Awards 2011),

Nominated Best DJ Techno (Vicious Awards 2011),

Nominated Best Festival “Electrobeach Festival 2011” (Vicious Awards 2011),

Best Techno DJ (DJ Onners 2011),

Best Deejay Techno of the year. (Deejaymags 2010),

Best Deejay of the year(DeejayMags 2009),

Best Techno-minimal Dj (Dj Onners 2009),

Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2008),

Dj Of The Year (DJ Onners 2007),

Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2007),

Best International Techno Deejay (International Awards- Ibiza 2007),

Best techno dj (DJ Onners 2006),

Best minimal-techno label Pornographic Records (DJ Onners 2006).

Best spanish Dj 2006 (DJ Onners),

Best techno label Pornographic Records (Deejaymags 2006),

Best dj Minimal/ Techno (Deejaymags 2006),

Best dj techno (Deejaymags 2005),

Best Electronic Label “Pornographic Records”(Deejaymags 2005),

Best dj techno (Deejaymags 2004),

Best Techno label “Pornographic Records”.(Deejaymags 2004),

Best Club Emotion tech club (Deejaymags 2003),

Best Track Techno “hardsperm”(Deejaymags 2003),

Best Techno Dj (Deejaymags 2003),

Best Cd Mix Session “Salón de mezclas”(Deejaymags 2002) (mejor sesión a la venta),

Best rmx “electric deluxe” (DJ Onners 2002),

Best rmx “electric deluxe” (Deejaymags 2002),

Best Dj Techno (Deejaymags 2002),

Best Dj of the Year (DJ Onners 2002),

Best Dj of the Year(Deejaymags 2002),

Best Techno Producer (Deejaymags 2001),

Best Dj Techno (Deejaymags 2000),

Best International Album “New Electronic Audio/Architectures”(DJ Onners 2000),

Best International Album “New Electronic Audio/Architectures”(Deejaymags 2000),

Best dj madrid (Deejaymags 1998),

Best Dj Madrid (ATTICA Awards 1996).

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