JAMES HERSEY – Coming Over

James Hersey is an independent solo project/band.

The 24 year old guitarist writes, produces, and performs soulful songs with unique pop sensibility and vocals.

Launched in Vienna, Austria (home to half of his family) in 2010, …

…  James rapidly gained support from major alternative outlets as well as mainstream media.

His current single “Don’t Say Maybe” is charting in the Top-5, …

… and his mixtape “TWELVE” earned him an Artist Of The Month title at Radio FM4.

Sold-out shows in his hometown, as well as support slots and collaborations with the likes of …

… Train, Left Boy, and Manu Delago (Bjork) promise a long career for the young singer songwriter.

From Last FM


TWELVE (Mixtape) – December 2012

Forever Yours (Single) – October 2012

All I Want (Single) – June 2012

It Ain’t Over (Single) – November 2011

Stand Up For You (Single) – May 2011

James Hersey EP – June 2010


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