profile : ALEX CRUZ

My name is Alex Cruz and I am born in the 70s at the border of Amsterdam.

I started my musical career as a dj at school parties.

Together with a good friend (Ramon aka Dzemm) we reached the number 1 position in a dj contest in Amsterdam …

… and after that we decided to combine our deejay-ing with producing records under the name of Stone Factory.

First at Rhythm Records (the company which also owned labels like Fresh Fruit and Work) where other dutchies like Olav Basoski, Erick E, The Goodmen (aka) Chocolate Puma had their breakthrough.

Later on our own label Crescendo Music got founded and several records got released.

Well known and played by all big deejays worldwide our name was set. “Sunset” and “Saint & Sinner” grew out into big club hits.

Sony’’s Playstation used the track “Sunset” on one of their games as well.

After breaking up with Ramon, I got more and more inspired by the groovy and latin house tunes and I started producing this style of music.

In cooperation with several musicians I am finally back into releasing vinyl again.

The last 2 releases made it to the top 20 on Beatport in the House Top 100. Alex Cruz & Castro – Like That and Alex Cruz & Castro – La Femme Fatale.

Behind the decks, “they say” I am known of the Groovy tunes with latin influences and the more funky progressive house style of nowadays.

For years I used to be the Saturday evening deejay of Club Havana (at Den Haag) and nowadays I am happy to say being the resident dj of Taste-iT parties ( and the Soho in Amsterdam.

My aim is this: to give every visitor of the party where I play, an unbelievably great evening.

Music should give people a free feeling, away from the hectic life.


Alex Cruz is one of those Dutch deejays which star is rising rapidly.

Touching the heart very often with beautiful creations out of his extraordinary database of music, this guy knows to hit the right spot with not only his studio work …

… but also with his live performances on any dancefloor around this globe.

His mix of electronic music combined with acoustic, percussive and vocal elements makes him a unique entertainer with definitely his own style.

True floorfillers came from his hand with “Ein Glucklicher Tag” and “Formidable” as examples.

His monthly Deep & Sexy Podcast on Soundcloud is increasingly popular and his fast-growing fan base is eagerly awaiting more glimps of this atmosphere creator.

Keep an eye on this guy’s tour schedule. You won’t be left disappointed at all but you will travel home with a big smile and warm heart !



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