He’s the talk of the town.

Michael Calfan quickly evolved from rising star in the global dance scene to protagonist of a fresh new sound.

Talk about ‘soul house’, dance music with a sensitive quality, not only made to get bodies moving but also touch the audience’s hearts.

It’s all there in his distinctive, international hit ‘Treasured Soul’, as well as other productions the French DJ has delivered these last years.

Perhaps even dance music’s conscience in a time the music is getting louder every week, by all means Michael Calfan arrived at exactly the right moment.

Bringing a French touch to nowadays house music, Michael Calfan has created something of a specialty for dance floors out there.

It’s the result of the producer’s love for different genres, absorbing these sounds for years while also producing music in a variation of styles.

« It’s like therapy for me », he explains. « I find a lot of inspiration in pop, folk or soul music, as long as it’s emotionally charged.

So it made sense to me to bring these sentiments into dance music. »

As a result, Calfan’s career is a remarkable excursion from heavy dance floor material to deep, compelling house tunes.

Making music since he was 15 years old, by now he’s a versatile producer who knows exactly what he wants.


With ‘Treasured Soul’ taking flight last year, Michael Calfan presented a distinctive take on deep house to the world, incorporating elements of soul and gospel, …

… soon followed up with instant classic records like ‘Mercy’ and ‘Breaking The Doors’ – each track reaching millions of fans around the globe.

Now, as monsieur Calfan returns for his first 2016 release, aptly titled ’Nobody Does It Better’, he’s gearing up to take his ‘soul house’ sound on the road.

Kicking off in February, he’ll be going cross country USA, moving from coast to coast, as well as taking on the mid-west and …

… south for a series of exciting club and festival gigs to continue then all over Europe until the summer.

Please join him for this ‘Nobody Does It Better Tour’ and catch the magic that is Michael Calfan!

From Michael Calfan Official Site

Michael Calfan on the Web :




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