LiTEK – I Don’t

Most people who make a career out of music start young, but LiTek already knew aged just 13 what he wanted to do with his life.

At that age he was already struck by the DJing bug and has barely taken his digits off the decks ever since.

He has a passion for house that has lead his to explore every niche of the genre over the years, and so his DJ sets are well informed things that make dance floors move with a keen grasp of mood and groove.

His efforts have secured him a spot with the Echelon collective and have have seen him pick up great support from ever more taste making DJs in the know.

Always editing and remixing tracks to make his own sets more special and energetic, LiTek never does the same trick twice.

He is also getting attention from major labels for the bangers he drops (such as the massive Dreams or All Around the World, which are melodically playful cuts…

…with rude boy bas and swung garage beats making you want to move) and is often played on cult radio stations all around the world.

Based in the northern outpost of Manchester and the Midlands hotbed of Leicester, LiTek plies his trades in clubs most night of the week and so really can work any crowd into a frenzy.

He has lots of great projects in the world and is always prepping for that next big gig.

As such, LiTek is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years.

From Soundcloud, Hear the World Sounds



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