Mr. POLSKA – Move Up (Lost Gravity)

The Polish-born Mr.Polska (Dominik Wlodzimierz Groot) is the figurehead of the new EDM label Nouveau Riche Music.

This little – yet big – man has proved himself to be a success magnet.

Since he has tweeted himself to the stage of the MTV awards in 2011, he scored the club hit “Vinger op de Klitter”, was the most retweeted rapper in the Netherlands …

… and brought released debut album in March 2012 which involved sold out album club tours.

Successes sped by like a freight train on steroids.

In 2012 he scored huge hits with the singles “Allermooiste Feestje”, “Krokobil” and “Hausa Wausa” and in 2013 with his mixtape and single Vlammen.

With an average of more than 100 shows a year he is now a headliner at the larger Dutch festivals, nd has his summer tours all over Europe.

In 2014 he became one of the widely loved contestants of the Dutch version of Survivor.

His quotes were used by both young and old fans of the television series and rooted for him to win.

Shortly after, he released his second album “$noller” – accompanied with a tour throughout The Netherlands – on the 13th of February 2015.

This album contained 3 bonus tracks in English and shows off the growth of Mr Polska as an artist.

One of these tracks, Guappa, was a collaboration with American rapper Riff Raff which also got released on Diplo’s famous imprint and it’s video debuted on …

… Buzzfeed Music and Vevo worldwide, which went viral and got full support from Skrillex, Dj Snake, David Guetta, GTA and many more.

After releases on Mad Decent & Spinnin Records, Mr. Polska was also invited as ‘special guest appearance artist’ to perform in the …

Major Lazer show at Holland biggest pop/rock festival, Lowlands Festival.

On top of this, Polska made a number two hit track together with Ronnie Flex, ‘Niemand’.

The european summer tour gets bigger every year, you might say the Mr. Polska sound, gets around.

The future? Working hard!

That is the creed of Mr.Polska, a.k.a. Polski, a.k.a. de Guardian of the Forest, a.k.a. pappa-bear.

He is a symbol for all Eastern European people and no, Mr. Polska is not ashamed of his Polish roots.

He is justly proud, does not take himself too seriously, sees every day as his birthday and recruits more “$nollers” (= fans) every day.

In short, life is a party and with that enthusiasm, his “$noller movement” grows faster and bigger than skyscrapers in Dubai.

Mr.Polska is part of Nouveau Riche Music, the successful electronic music label.

This creative collective has roots in every corner of the world, and work hard at their own careers, inside and outside the studio.

Nevertheless, the brotherhood is first priority.

That is also reflected in all releases and in the video clips.

On June 10, 2011 the first official physical release came out titled: ‘Alziend Oor’ and on November 15, 2013 the successor: ‘Alziend Oor II’.

From Mr. Polska Official Site 
            and Musixmatch

Mr. POLSKA – Move Up (Lost Gravity)


I need to unlock like a phone
My motion has me to be unfrozen
Can hardly talk about it
I know everything, I know everything, yeah
can’t be this lost one no more
I need that power
to win this fight
so I glow up, and walk away
Moving up, way up, Moving up, stay up 4x
Stay up
Stay up
Stay up
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong
Some days I feel like going crazy
I need to stop this doubting
I lost gravity, this isn’t me
can’t be this lost one no more
I need that power
to win this fight
so I glow up, and walk away
Moving up, way up, Moving up, stay up 4x

Writer(s): Gino Doorson, Boaz de Jong, Dominik Wlodzimierz Groot



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