profile : JAKO DIAZ

  • Real Name
Carlo Servodio
  • Hometown
Chivasso, Italy

  • Genre
Nu-disco / Deep House / Bass House / Garage
  • Record Labels
Enormous Tunes (Chills), Spirit Soul, Indiana Tones, ,LoveStyle, Sakura, Safe Music, Erase, Fame Records, and more

  • Influences
Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode
  • Awards
Dubai DJ contest by Fame Music

Carlo Servodio aka Jako Diaz was born in 1988 and is a young Italian DJ and Producer.

He comes from Puglia and he is a creative and innovative artist.

After a few years of passion for music, he plays his dj sets in some club of Puglia such as …

…Divinae Follie, Chiascia, Gorgeous, Autodromo Club and many others…

Many of his tracks have also been part of various Radio Shows and are supported by Nora en Pure, Gray, Costantinne & Felten, Lou Van, …

…West K. ,Shake Sofa, Kovary, James Mac, Millok, Hollaphonic and many others…

Jako Diaz has produced more tracks and his productions have been signed by Enormous Tunes (Chills), Spirit Soul Record, …

…Indiana Tones, Lovestyle Record, Sakura, Erase Record, Fame Record and others..

In August 2014 he won an international contest for DJ Producer, organized by platform Fame Music.

He played for a month as a Resident DJ at the prestigious Club “GQ BAR DUBAI”, United Arab Emirates.

This experience has allowed Jako to go out on some major magazines of Dubai such as Khaleej Times and …

…other magazines such as GQ Espana, Ahlan!, My Dubai My City, Curiosity Middle East and many more.

Jako is working on new projects and his productions are evolving more and more..


  • JAKO DIAZ on The Web


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