profile : AUTOGRAF

If you haven’t heard any music from Autograf, a trio from Chicago, prepare your ears for a sound called future house.

Peaceful, but energizing, crafted for a night time drive or an inspirational self-reflection session, the sounds coming …

… from these three guys are truly unique and so obviously rooted in their artistic background.

Basically, Autograf is a few humble dudes looking to make dope music, build some cool stuff, and make art along the way.

Autograf started in the fall of 2013 when the guys put some chalkboards shaped like eagles and giraffes around Chicago.

No, seriously. They put the blank canvases shaped like safari animals on urban city buildings around a music festival encouraging …

… festival goers to draw on the blank animals by placing buckets of chalk near them.

The only identifier was the word ‘Autograf’ inscribed into the wood.

One of the chalkboard giraffes had it’s head torn off. Could this be a reflection of the scene itself?

The hype around getting ‘turnt up’ and wild for festivals: the eye no longer on the music or art being created, …

… the ‘neon YOLO’ wearing generation breaking the bond between music, passion, and art?

One of the members, Louis, points out that the hand of the artist is the passerby, the festival goer, the everyday person, and this is what they, or we created.

The group feels as though a lot of the visual art and fashion connected to edm was lost once the genre hit the mainstream.

A lot of people, some artists, some fans, agree with this statement.

With a background in fine art, sculpture, graphic design and music, Autograf really started as …

… just a hobby that wouldn’t be held back by the constrictions tying down so much of dance music in the present.

They’re serious about this art to music connection. How so?

Imagine a Boiler Room Dance Party meets Art Instillation. What do you get?

The Future Factory. And yes, they made this happen.

They built the pieces you see in this video including the 8ft Autograf “Future Soup” can and the Autograf Brillo boxes.

So now, as their music is becoming more known and well received, this chalkboard safari animal hobby is turning more serious.

They’ve remixed the likes of Amtrac, Marvin Gaye and French Horn Rebellion.

Slowly, but ever so surely, the trio is releasing more and more music.

Each one gets better and better. Take a listen for yourself.

Keep your eyes peeled- this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of Autograf.

From Raver Rafting


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