ådå – This Pleasure Needs Pain (Unsympathy)

Secret aliases are nothing new in the house music universe, but that that doesn’t make them any less alluring.

ådå is the mysterious new alias for a very prominent house producer from Europe.

The instrumental version of ådå’s track “Unsympathy,” has been doing recent damage for some of the world’s top DJs, earning support from Joris Voorn, John Digweed, and Marco Carola; with MK even dropping the track on Pete Tong’s Radio 1: Live from LA broadcast.

Now, ådå has added sultry vocals to the original instrumental beat for an extra touch of dancefloor bliss.

Much like the mystery behind ådå, the beat starts off with a dark and murky vibe before a chugging, meaty bassline propels the track forward, the vocals cooing “this pleasure needs pain.”

Primed for dark dancefloors, a jangling guitar loop layers over top of the beat for an extra dark sizzle as the vocals soar: “On top of your stairs and you’re pushing me down, it only gives me a thrill when I hit the ground.”

Stay tuned for more from ådå as this one continues to dominate floors across the globe.

From Dancing Astronaut


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