LIFELIKE & KRIS MENACE – What Time Is Love (Live At SSL Mix)

Pioneering the « nu-disco » sound, years long before that kind of sound started to invade the worldwide indie charts, …

… Laurent ASH aka LIFELIKE’s early productions (« Black Chess » EP on the legendary “20000ST” record label) soon pricked the ears of the likes of DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter (from Daft Punk), …

… and playlisted his record during their “Together 2002 tour”, which if you’re a young Producer, is basically the equivalent of getting all six numbers in the lottery, …

… finally introducing him very quickly into the very small but highly talented “French Touch” family.

A french family of parisian artists that includes Daft Punk, Justice, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, Air, Cassius, etc..

Almost every records he released since then gained instant support from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong and Annie Mac as well as the DJ bibles such as DJ Mag and Future Music Magazine, …

… calling his productions “a sure-fire hit on dance floors” ,“walking that smooth and sexy line between nu-disco,new wave and funk” and “a master of crafting credible dance floor beast.”

Those records includes “Discopolis”, released on Alan Braxe’s seminal label “Vulture”, a massive inernational club hit, selling a total of more than 100000 copies, …

… topping the UK Top 40 chart at #18, Belgium Dance Chart #1, Germany/France Dance Chart #5, followed by “So Electric” released on Wall Of Sound, …

…”Sequencer” (vulture), “Love Emulator” released on his own label “Computer Science”, or “Don’t Stop featuring A-Trak” that was recently released on Kitsuné.

As a remixer, records companies quickly noticed LIFELIKE’s ability to turn any track into a dance floor hit and it wanst long until other artists like Chromeo, Sia, …

… Empire Of The Sun, Vitalic, Moby, Classixx, The Presets, Cerrone (more than 40 remixes released) to name a few of them, came to knock on his door trying to secure a remix from him.

On the production side, Laurent has been helping some new acts to succeed, adding his magical touch to the UK indie band “Is Tropical” first album and the french electro-pop band “Jupiter”.

As a touring entity, LIFELIKE has touched down all over the globe.

From Europe and Australia and Asia to America, and club to festival he’s been DJing alongside everyone from Fred Falke, DJ Falcon, Bloody Beetroots, Vitalic, …

… Russ Chimes, Oliver, Grand Master Flash, Madeon, Alan Braxe, Ritchie Hawtin, Steve Angello, DJ Medhi, and many others.

When LIFELIKE isn’t on tour, you’re likely to find him tucked away in his studio, running his own record label “Computer Science”, and most recently finalizing his debut …

… full-length album “Electronic Dreams” signed to Capitol Music/Universal, featuring the likes of Chromeo, A-Trak, Oliver, Electric Youth & Audio District.


💫  About KRIS MENACE … don’t miss page 2  👀


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