profile : INFINITY INK

Infinity Ink is a London-based vocal/music production/DJ duo made up of Italian Luca C and Briton Ali Love.

They have released music through Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels and, most recently, Different Recordings.

Originally they formed the duo The Benedictions, playing 1960s and 1970s folk rock-inspired music on acoustic guitar.

The name of the duo Infinity Ink came when the duo were playing in Moldova on their tour.

They noticed a nearby factory that was called ‘Infinity Inc’.

So they adopted the name changing the “c” to a “k”, giving it a completely new twist.

Infinity Ink found fame through two tracks released in 2012.

First was “Games” on the Hot Creations label followed by the single “Infinity” on Crosstown Rebels.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Infinity Ink has taken a multitude of twists and turns en route to the present day.

Consisting of long-term friends Ali Love and Luca C, the duo’s musical voyage has spread from their early days in a variety of bands, through London’s vibrant nightlife, …

… and further collaborations alongside The Chemical Brothers, Justice, Roisin Murphy, and Robert Owens, right up to their current work with Hot Natured …

… (Ali and Luca are one half of the band), and the Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations crews.

Their debut track ‘Games’ on Hot Creations was rooted with a funk-infused hypnotic bassline and immediately created a buzz around the project.

Whilst breakthrough single ‘Infinity’ has become an irrepressible juggernaut with total YouTube views now in excess of the 10 million mark.

Infinity Ink have recently made the track ‘Aya’ available as a free download from their official site

The track takes its lyrical cues from Sixties psychedelic rock, and the genesis of ‘Aya’ neatly encapsulates the Infinity Ink spirit of chaos yielding to creativity.

From Resident Advisor

💫  About LUCA C & ALI LOVE … read pages 2 & 3  👀


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