profile : ROLAND CLARK

Roland Clark is a house music DJ, producer, songwriter and vocalist.

In the past, he has used the aliases Jesus Jackson, Digital Pimps, Dark Clark, South Street Player, …

… and is also founding member of the dance music project Urban Soul.

He learned how to write songs from his childhood mentor Calvin Gaines.

One of the many projects he has been involved in is “Flowerz” by Armand van Helden, from the album 2 Future 4 U from 1998, …

… as well as delivering his writing and vocal talents to the likes of Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry and Roger Sanchez.

He was featured on two Fatboy Slim releases.

Probably his most famous hits to date were his collaborations with Fatboy Slim in “Star 69 (What the F**k)” and “Song for Shelter“, …

… both of which samples part of Clark’s previous release “I Get Deep” and feature on his 2000 album release Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars.

His 2006 song “Running on Sunshine”, which he performed using the Jesus Jackson alias and co-recorded with Fatboy Slim, …

… has appeared in various ABC programming such as Grey’s Anatomy and Men in Trees.

Clark is currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.

Roland has since started a record label Delete Global Records, which is distributed by Strictly Rhythm Records.

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