Young DJ and producer Anton Ishutin is singlehandedly changing the face of deep and tech house.

First he rose to fame in his native Russia, but 2012 has seen him spread his wings and take his sound to the masses all over the world.

Anton started learning piano as a child and quickly moved onto playing keyboards.

Around the same time as he started DJing, as a teenager, Anton began to experiment, …

… combining keyboard music with computer-generated beats and blips. 

But that’s all in the past.

And, like most burgeoning young DJs, Anton’s got his eye firmly fixed on the future.

Anton quickly became conquer the world of electronic music, receiving support from artists such as Alex Niggemann, M.A.N.D.Y, Сlaes Rosen, Ben Clarke, …

… S.K.A.M., Russ Yallop, WIldkats, Yeray Herrera, Tvardovsky, Konstantin Yoodza, James Warren and others.

His works tightly anchored in the charts on the labels – Ak Tek Records (Israel), Lohit Records [Proton Music] (India), System Recordings (USA), …

… Four Peas Recordings (USA), Faberlique Records(UA), Luxury Music (RU), Bashi Records (UA), Tech-it Recordings (UA).

Clubbers around the world enjoyed his sets and unique style whether in the USA and Italy or Russia and Germany.

And if you want to catch sneaky tasters of what he’s working on, …

… as well as just getting a dose of pure house-progressive-deep-tech-stuff of Ishutin magic, then checking his Soundcloud is a good idea.

In dance music, variety is what keeps things interesting, and with his wide-ranging tastes …

… and ability to distill these influences into his own unique productions, Anton proves he’s no one-trick-pony.

“I started out as a producer and I have so many great ideas about how to develop my sound,” he gushes.

“And I hope this is just the beginning”.

From DJOYbeat

✨  About the original ‘GONE’ artist YASMEEN … read page 2  👀


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