profile : THROTTLE

Not every 19-year-old can add providing soundtrack for Hillary Clinton’s rally to his resume. Melbourne native Robbie Bergin aka Throttle can.

As well as working with Avicii, touring with Oliver Heldens and releasing a bunch of irresistible tracks in self-described “dirty disco” genre.

And those are just some facts you need to know about this gifted young Aussie.

Throttle may only be 19-years-old, but he knew what he wanted to do since very young age.

I was always into music. When I was 11 or 12 I started listening to Ministry of Sound compilations.

I would listen to those on repeat in my room and fell in love with the dance music.

I got interested in DJing when I was 13, which naturally led to the interest in production.

Since then it was a gradual rise of discovering new things and putting things online. I’m probably not young enough: you gotta be 10 these days.”

“There’s not much story to my name. It’s the best I could come up with when I was 13.

I was name-hunting and then saw this word somewhere when I was on holidays with my family in Italy.

I was like, ‘Yep, that’s the one.’ I actually tried to come up with something that had my name (Robbie) in it.

But everything sounded like I’m a funk singer from the ’70s.”

He didn’t just come up with a new name, but with his own music genre, too.

It’s called dirty disco, which is a perfect soundtrack for spilling Dirty Martini’s all over the dancefloor.

“My music is disco for 2016. There are influences of everything in it: ’60s, ’70s, ’80s.

It’s essentially the groove and the catchiness of disco era mixed with the grit and the toughness of the 2016’s dance sound”.

Does it mean that he’ll have to come up with something fresh for 2017? “Yeah, exactly.” Nice way to keep your sound from getting stagnant!

Throttle comes from Melbourne, Australia, and he really enjoys living there. “I’m sure I’ll end up in the States or somewhere else in the world at some point.

But I’m really happy living in Melbourne at the moment: it’s a place where I can make the best music.

It’s fun to go to LA or New York for a few weeks of studio time every now and then, work hard and then go back home, …

… away from the crazy buzz of LA or New York.”

He may be an up-and-coming producer, but Throttle already secured support from some seriously big names in the dance world.

Back in 2013, Avicii approved of Throttle’s remix of “You Make Me” and invited him to join him on several shows.

Later Oliver Heldens invited him on tour. “Oliver has given me the best advices and been the one who’s been guiding my career recently.

I’m constantly learning from him by just watching the way he handles his fast rise to fame. He’s not letting the fame go to his head.”

As for Throttle’s own popularity, he surely gets his share of negativity along with the praise.

“You get this constant stream of hate online so you end up disowning all of it. I don’t pay too much attention to that.”

It’s not that easy in real life, too, as Throttle (like a lot of other DJs) gets all sorts of weird requests.

“You get some strange ones like, ‘Can you play some good music?’ or ‘Can you turn it down?’ Or Can you play Justin Bieber?'”

When I tell Throttle that these days it’s totally okay to request Bieber, he agrees: “Oh, yes, he’s cool now.”

Back in February Hillary Clinton decided that Throttle’s uplifting collaboration with singer David Spekter “Together” was the best soundtrack for her rallies.

Support straight from the White House secured the Australian producer a lot of media attention.

Considering Throttle learned to play guitar at the age of eight, we would expect him to bring a guitar to his DJ sets for an unexpected Jimmy Hendrix tribute.

And we would be right. “At our tour with Oliver Heldens I would play a guitar solo which was pretty epic.

Everyone seemed to lose their shit when I’d pop out my guitar.

So I’m definitely going to incorporate more of this into my DJ moving forward.

Live music will never die and it adds a whole new level to any performance, especially a DJ set.”

Throttle’s Soundcloud page is filled with positive feedback on his remixes. Which one was the most successful?

“I think it’s gotta be September.’ That vocal is one that will be around forever. My remix of AlunaGeorge’s ‘I’m In Control’ is doing great, too.”

Back in May Throttle played EDC New York. “It was my first US festival ever, so it was times ten from what I ever experienced in Australia.

The production, the size of the crowd and even the love for the music was different.”

He’s also about to get to know European crowds as he’s playing Electrobeach festival in the south of France in July.

“I’ll definitely be doing some live guitar for that one. By that time I’ll have more singles out, so I’m looking forward to doing something cool with them.

Expect a whole new set of visuals, too.” That’s a good reason to hop on a plane to France.

One of his better-known singles is “Moneymaker,” so obviously we had to ask him to share the tips of proper moneymaker shaking.

How fast should we go, where should we do that, etc?

“Everywhere. There are no limits, absolutely none!”

Should we expect him to shake his moneymaker when he plays that track?

“I kinda dance. I’m not as good as Oliver Heldens, but I’m getting there.

Hopefully I’ll have a signature move by Electrobeach.

    (10 Things You Should Know About Throttle)


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