L.B. ONE feat. Laenz – Across The Water

Lianny Boudjadi, born 14 June 1988 in Paris is a French DJ and record producer.

Born in the Paris suburbs, he grew up at the end of 90’s when the “hip-hop rap” phenomenon was at its peak …

… but in 2003 he choose his own way : Electronic music.

In January 2012, in association with his colleague Datamotion (DJ Producer), he created his own Label – Mynt Records – …

… and released “Tsunami” which was the 2nd highest selling “House” track in Germany and Mexico.

2013 marked another turning point in his career.

He went to Ibiza for the first time and discovered his greatest musical revelation: The Deep house.

Upon his return to Paris, he composed the song “Love Control” and started his monthly residency show on the electronic radio station in France : Radio FG.

His track “Equinox” totals over 2 Million plays on the streaming site “Spotify” and in june 2014 he released his first album “1988” which featured “Jam For Me” …

… who immediately got airtime on French Radio Stations and was ranked #19 on the Top Beatport « Deep House ».

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  • Esperanza (feat. Donovan Blackwood) [Zero Online Records]

  • Ya Lili (feat. Ameny) [Hyperactive Records]
  • One Day (feat. Alice Edun) [Zero Online Records]

  • Neeran (feat. Nova Emad) [French Loop Records]

  • Pop corn [Arrested Records]

  • Psyko [Lukes club Records]
  • Love U More [Pizunda Recordings]
  • Love Avenue [R-inc studio Records]

  • Back to Monarchy [Mynt Records]
  • Tsunami (feat. Datamotion) [Arrested Records]


  • Bad Habit [Arrested Records]
  • Night Dreaming (feat. Fey B) [Dj Center Records]

  • Over the Drop (feat. Datamotion) [Entraxx Records]
  • To the Stars (feat. Scarlett Quinn) [Mynt Records]

  • Freakin’ Night [Pop Rox Muzik]
  • OMG [Pop Rox Muzik]

  • Ibiza Morning [Mynt Records]
  • Love Control [Mynt Records]

  • Equinox [Lukes club Records]
  • Things We Do For Love [Free Download]
  • Can Get You [Lukes club Records]

  • Jam For Me [Space Party]
  • Insane [Space Party]
  • 3.0 ft Datamotion [Space Party]

  • Slow Down ft Amy Kirkpatrick [Space Party]
  • Slow Down (Hip Hop Version) ft Amy Kirkpatrick & Ellis Bailey [Space Party]

  • Summer Vibe (ft Simon Erics) [Space Party]
  • Across The Water (ft Laenz) [Happy Music]




L.B. One – 1988 (The Album) [Space Party]


L.B. One – Middle Of Nowhere (EP) [Mynt Records / Space Party]


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