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Carl Abou Samah (Arabic: كارل أبو سمح‎‎; born April 18, 1979) better known by his stage name Karl Wolf …

… is a Lebanese-born Canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

He has been a singer, songwriter and producer since 2001, releasing his first solo album Face Behind the Face on MapleNationwide/Universal in January 2006, …

… followed by a second album Bite the Bullet in November 2007.

His third album Nightlife was released on November 17, 2009 followed by Finally Free on July 10, 2012.

Through his company, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a number of new artists with his long time manager Pascal Malkoun.

In 2015, he announced a new collaboration under the name BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen and producer MasterTrak.

Karl signed a new solo contract in Canada with Cordova Bay Records out of B.C. as well as two new worldwide deals in Los Angeles, …

… one for a publishing contract with BMG and another Digital “Youtube” deal with Collective Digital Studios.

Wolf was born as Carl Abou Samah in Beirut, Lebanon.

He moved on with his family to Dubai, UAE when he was three-years-old due to the civil war in Lebanon.

He studied in the UAE. In an interview with Shave Magazine, Karl explained that in Arabic, his family name (Abou Samah) means ‘father of forgiveness’.

His stage name ‘wolf’ comes from a nickname he received on his high school basketball team because he was the smallest and quickest in his team.

He also says his mother and father drove him to a career in music.

Wolf’s mother was a piano teacher and his father played guitar, drums and the traditional Middle Eastern oud.

At 16, Wolf immigrated to Canada in 1995, residing in Montreal, Quebec.

He began his career “behind the scenes,” and has been writing co-producing since 2001.

Initially he was a backup singer for some hits by the Quebec band Dubmatique.

The 2001 hit album from Gabrielle Destroismaisons generated two singles co-written by him that reached #1 on the BDS Francophone Charts, …

… and the record earned him a Félix Award at the L’ADISQ Awards for “Best Mix and Sound of the Year”.

Wolf’s work with Gabrielle brought him to the attention of Antoine Sicotte, of the top-selling Canadian pop band Sky, …

… where he was recruited as a singer-songwriter becoming Sky’s new lead singer in 2002.

Wolf co-wrote and co-produced the third Sky album, Picture Perfect (on Sextant/EMI), with strong airplay across Canada.

Sicotte and Wolf cooperated on the hugely successful Star Académie reality TV show in Quebec.

The subsequent album was the biggest-selling album in Canada in 2003, …

… notching a phenomenal sales in Canadian terms and earning Karl Wolf a SOCAN Award for Most Popular Song.

A Star Académie II sequel in 2004 was another big success, the album going double-platinum.

In 2005 Wolf ventured into a solo career. He released his debut solo album Face Behind the Face in January 2006.

Since its release, the album broke in the Canadian Top 100 sales chart and spawned three singles, “Butterflies” and “Desensitize”, …

… Wolf followed with a second studio album Bite the Bullet in November 2007.

The first single release from the album was “Africa“, a remake of the worldwide hit Africa by Toto.

The Karl Wolf remake features Canadian artist Culture.

In early March 2009, with the release of the single on iTunes for digital downloads, …

… it surged up from #32 to #2 on the issue of March 14, 2009 based on huge amounts of downloads over the previous week.

It peaked at #1 on the iTunes charts and It also stayed at #2 for four further week on the chart of March 21 and 28 and April 4 and 11, 2009.

Prior to iTunes download, it had topped at #20 in the same chart. This is so far Karl Wolf’s most successful single to date.

The song also topped the MuchMusic Top 30 Countdown charts and has also found success in Japan, peaking at #20 on the Japan Hot 100 chart.

His follow-up single this year titled “Carrera” climbed to peak at #39 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100.

Nightlife, his third album was released on 17 November 2009.

After 9 years with EMI Music, in March 2010 he signed a new recording contract in the United States with Universal Republic …

… followed by a worldwide deal with Universal Music Canada in 2011.

EMI Japan and EMI Middle East who still had exclusive license to Karl Wolf’s upcoming album released Finally Free, his fourth album on July 10, 2012.

Through his company, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a number of new artists.

In addition to his solo career, Wolf has established “LW Entertainment” …

… and his own record label “LW Records” and recording studio (with LW standing for Lone Wolf).

Karl Wolf has also produced for Quebec singers Mitsou, Emily, Jérôme-Philippe (aka Disoul) also becoming for a time, part of the latter’s band Dubmatique.

Karl Wolf has collaborated with a number of artists, mainly from Canada.

Choclair was featured in one of his earliest hits titled “Desensitize” and Canadian rapper Culture is featured in his biggest hit “Africa“, …

… whereas Rime and Kaz Money are featured in “Yalla Habibi“.

Sway was featured in “Hurting” and Kardinal Offishall was featured in “Ghetto Love“.

His single “Fuck Shit Up / Mash It Up” produced by Greg Stainer & Dany Neville …

… featured Three 6 Mafia, Timbaland and B K Brasco in “Magic Hotel” and Fatman Scoop in “Let’s Get Rowdy“.

In 2015, he announced a collaboration under the name BAE (Be All Equal) …

… that includes Karl Wolf and hip-hop artist Show Stephens and singer-songwriter Brenda Mullen.

Co-produced by Wolf and DJ producer MasterTrak, the act is signed to Armin Van Buuren‘s Armada Music label. The formation’s first single is “I’m Lonely”.

Karl Wolf and BAE were included as one of the opening acts for renowned singer Akon’s 2015 Canada-wide tour …

… which also included acts like Peter Jackson and Afrocen3.

Also in 2015, Karl Wolf co-wrote with Omar Pasley (OMI), Jenson Vaughan and Matthew Humphrey …

… OMI‘s international single “Hula Hoop“, a follow-up to OMI’s hit “Cheerleader“.

In the fifth season of the show, he was seen mentoring the contestants.

Some joined him for renditions of his hits, including “Butterfly” and “Africa”.

  • In 2011, he organized a Close Up Arabia campaign for recruiting participants in a music video project of his.  and the resulting music video .

  • Karl Wolf has also collaborated and performed in concerts with Akon, Ne-Yo, T-Pain and many more artists and as a special guest also.

He co-wrote with Jenson Vaughan, Frank Bülles, Matthew Humphrey and Omar Pasley (OMI) the latter’s international hit “Hula Hoop“.

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Studio albums

Year Album details Chart positions
2006 Face Behind the Face

  • Released: February 14, 2006
  • Label: LW
  • Format: CD

2007 Bite the Bullet

  • Released: July 11, 2007
  • Label: LW/EMI Arabia
  • Format: CD

2009 Nightlife

  • Released: November 17, 2009
  • Label: LW/EMI Arabia
  • Format: CD

2012 Finally Free

  • Released: July 10, 2012
  • Label: LW/Universal
  • Format: CD

2014 Stereotype

  • Released: Sep 2, 2014
  • Label: LW/Universal
  • Format: CD


Year Single Chart positions Certifications Album
2005 “Butterflies” — -100 Face Behind the Face


2006 “Desensitize” (feat. Choclair)

2007 “She Wants to Know” Bite the Bullet
2008 Africa(feat. Culture) 2 20
  • MC: 4× Platinum


2009 Carrera 39
  • MC: Gold
Yalla Habibi(feat. Rime Salmi & Kaz Money) 24 51
  • MC: Gold


2010 Hurting(feat. Sway) 55
“80’s Baby”


2011 Ghetto Love(feat. Kardinal Offishall) 20
  • MC: Gold
Finally Free
“Mash It Up” / “Fuck Shit Up” (feat. Three 6 Mafia) 28
  • MC: Gold

2012 “DJ Gonna Save Us” (feat. Mr. OxXx) 58
2013 Go Your Own Way Stereotype


2014 “Magic Hotel” (feat. Timbaland & BK Brasco) 75
“Summertime” / “Let’s Get Rowdy (feat. Fatman Scoop) 48


2015 “Not Over Me Yet” (feat. MasterTrak) 46 WOW
“Toronto Love”


2016 “Amateur at Love” 100
  • MC: Gold
2017 “Wherever You Go”


  • 2007: “Hollow Girl” (feat. Striger)
  • 2007: “Butterflies” (with Eve)


  • 2008: “Like This” (feat. Sandman)
  • 2009: “Maniac Maniac” (feat. Culture)
  • 2009: “You Forgot About Me” (feat. Imposs)


  • 2009: “No Way Nobody” (feat. Loon)
  • 2011: “Tell Me” (feat. Nirvana Savoury)
  • 2013: “Go Your Own Way” (feat. Reema Major)

Featured artist

Date Song title Performing credits Peak Chart
Album title
2006 “Get Down / Respire” VJ Malik Shaheed feat. Karl Wolf  – Franglais by Malik Shaheed
2006 “Weekend” Choclair feat. Karl Wolf  – Flagship by Choclair
2006 “Makes Me Wonder” Chopovski feat. Karl Wolf  – Bite the Bullet by Chopovski

2008 “Crazy Girl” Taio Cruz feat. Karl Wolf  –
2010 “Si jeune” Jacob Guay feat. Karl Wolf  – Si Jeune by Jacob Guay
2011 “Enta Ma’ai” Diana Haddad feat. Karl Wolf  – Bent Osol by Diana Haddad

2011 Yalla Asia Jay Sean and Karl Wolf featuring Radhika Vekaria  – non-album single
2011 “Everything Is All Wrong” Marc Mysterio feat. Karl Wolf and Jamie Sparks  – non-album single
2012 “Awel Mara Atgara” Sandy feat. Karl Wolf  –

2012 “Turn It Up” Kardinal Offishall feat. Karl Wolf 32
2012 “Frente A Frente” DJ Ricky Campanelli feat. Karl Wolf  – Modestia Aparte
2013 “Unbreakable” DJ Antoine feat. Karl Wolf  – Sky Is The Limit by DJ Antoine

2013 “Fire” David Obeji feat. Karl Wolf  –
2013 “Stick Up” Shawn Desman feat. Karl Wolf  –
2014 “Incredible” Jaden Chase feat. Karl Wolf  –
2015 “Beat Again” Project 46 feat. Karl Wolf  – Beautiful by Project 46

Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations for Karl Wolf
Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
2001 ADISQ (Felix Award) Best Mix and Sound of the Year “Gabrielle Destroismaisons” Won
2004 SOCAN Best popular song “Je vais changer le monde”
(Star Académie) in Quebec

2007 Juno Awards R&B/Soul Recording of the Year Face Behind the Face Nominated
2008 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Arabia Act Himself Won

2009 MuchMusic Video Awards Favourite New Artist/Group Himself Nominated
Pop Video of the Year “Africa” Nominated

2010 Sounds of Blackness Awards Best Anglophone R&B Artist or Group of the Year Himself Won
Anglophone Single of the Year “Africa” Won
Canadian Radio Music Awards[18][19] Fan’s Choice Award Himself Nominated
Best New Group or Solo Mainstream A/C Artist of the Year Himself (for “Africa”) Nominated
Best New Group or Solo Hot A/C Artist of the Year Himself (for “Africa”) Won

SOCAN Urban Music Award “Africa” Won
SOCAN Anglophone Song of the Year “Africa” Won

2011 Juno Awards R&B/Soul Recording of the Year Nightlife Nominated
2012 Juno Awards R&B/Soul Recording of the Year Ghetto Love Nominated

2012 SOCAN Anglophone Song of the Year “Hurting” Won
2013 Canadian Urban Music Awards Urban Artist of The Year Himself Won

2013 SOCAN Anglophone Song of the Year “Mash It Up” Won
2017 CUT Hip Hop Awards R&B Album of the Year “The Export Vol 1” Won

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