No Method are an electronic music duo ​best known for their hit “Let Me Go”, No Method’s music style is a fusion of Pop & Electronic Dance Music, …

… the group formed in 2016 and consists of established DJ & Producer Sam World and songstress Claire Rose.

The duo, although brand new are fast to becoming a house hold name in the music scene with their first release LET ME GO …

… which has had and still going through a massive viral success, racking up over four million plus views on YouTube so far.

Still rising day by day, the single has charted at the number 1 position in South Africa with 5FM and GoodHope FM respectfully …

… and is currently climbing the charts in Europe where it has recently been released in some territories with more to be announced soon.

The viral love for No Method shows no signs of slowing down as their first single Let Me Go hits new heights as the most Shazamed track in Turkey, Qatar and Jordan …

… as well as high positions in South Africa, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia where the single has been released on Major labels.

Considering this is still early days for No Method with only one single released and more to come; …

… the future looks bright, bold and beautiful as the duo get ready to take their imitable sound to the world.


Cape Town – Two local musicians from Parklands, Cape Town are making it big on the local and international music scene.

No Method’s hit single “Let Me Go” has already hit four million YouTube views, and has been Shazamed nearly 200 000 times in the last few months since its release.

It got around 100 000 views a day last week.

Comprised of the duo of DJ and producer Sam World and songwriter and vocalist Claire Rose, the band is making a huge impact on the music scene.

No Method PR manager Lauren Naidoo said: “No Method’s hit single, Let Me Go, has currently been going viral locally and globally, especially in Turkey.

“They work hard, Claire is dealing with exams and she still makes time for her music. And Sam World works in the studio until 6am in the morning.”

No Method’s music style is a fusion of pop and electronic dance music, with multiple genre influences from all around the world.

Let Me Go has been number one, three weeks in a row on the Top 30 SA Charts on 5FM and Good Hope FM.

It is currently getting airplay on East Coast Radio, Heart FM and KFM.

The hit single has recently broken into the European Charts, …

… getting airplay on radio stations abroad with licensing deals also being discussed in eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia and Bulgaria.

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