JENN MOREL – Ponteme

Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, raised in New York City, at a young age Jenn discovered her interest and love for photography, dance and music.

As a child, she studied multiple forms of dance and as her knowledge grew so did her vision for self-expression.

Jenn’s break into the entertainment industry was as a Go – Go dancer in New York City nightclubs such as Webster Hall, Finale, Griffin and Pacha.

The following years would see Jenn dance alongside LMFAO, Neyo and appear in music videos for Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz.

Today Jenn is one of social media’s top influencers with over 500,000 followers, generating millions of impressions, …

… creating viral comedy skits with top influencers, and promotional activity with brands such as Reebok, Toyota, and Sony.

Music is Jenn’s newest frontier to dominate, with her lead single ‘Ponteme’ going viral on Instagram…

… generating over 2 million views, and gaining support from dj’s worldwide.

Jenn Morel made her artist performance debut at EDC Mexico’s 2017 Main Stage, leaving a massive crowd asking for more …

… and placing the music industry on notice that Jenn Morel is one of Latin music’s rising stars.

From Jenn Morel Official Page


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