L II O N – Don’t You

In 2002, Mathieu started learning how to play drums. A few months later, he saw an ad in a music shop for an audition.

This is how he met Leo, singer/guitar player in a rock band. They played together in the band Mary Has A Gun, did many records and signed their first contracts.

The band had been highlighted in many famous magazines and got a huge following on social medias, which caught attention of Universal Music Publishing who released their fist record.

In 2012, Mary Has A Gun received many prizes such as «Best French rock act» and «Best rock album».

Then the band decided to get famous beyond their country and toured all around the world with their 2nd record.

The famous management company Working Group, based in New York, started to collaborate with the band and the huge label Fearless Records was interested in making a deal.

The band split up though.


In 2015, Leo and Mathieu, still having so much passion for making music and playing shows, decided to work together to create a new kind of sound.

After many months of hardworking in the studio to find their own identity, in fall 2016, the French duo released their first single « Can You Feel The Sound ». LIION was born.


Electronic music
Band Members
Leo Pia & Mathieu Lainel
Aix-en-Provence, France
Record Label
Happy Music


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