KAAZE feat. Elle Vee – Opera

Mick Kastenholt, also known by his stage name, Kaaze is a Swedish electronic dance music producer, DJ, and songwriter.

In his childhood years, he didn’t listen to music like regular people to such divergent influences like…

…Whitesnake and Earth, Wind and Fire, he began playing piano and drums at an early age.

Upon moving to Stockholm, he was dropped out of school and retreated into his studio to adopt a hermit’s lifestyle …

… for nearly a year and a half, producing 24/7 and sharing his musical output with no one.

What emerged was a demo that caught the attention of Kaaze’s idol Tiësto and changed everything for him in the span of a season.

The two met for the first time in Stockholm two weeks later, and Kaaze accompanied the Dutch superstar to his gig at Summerburst Festival.

The Swedish producer began sending daily demos to his newfound musical mentor, …

…solidifying a melodic progressive sound that draws upon his 80s disco and glam rock roots.

Following a summer full of musical exchange, Kaaze received the formal offer to sign with Tiësto’s Red Light Management group …

… and embarked on an eye-opening tour of New York and Tiësto’s Hakkasan residency in Las Vegas.

From EDM Wiki

To hear him tell it, KAAZE has always been a producer at heart.

“As a kid, I didn’t listen to music like regular people,” the young Swede says.

“I would always listen to songs and think I’d change this or do it like that.”

Growing up in a musical family that exposed him to such divergent influences as Aerosmith, Whitesnake and Earth, Wind and Fire, KAAZE began playing…

…piano and drums at age of 4, while developing the ear that would eventually make him an established artist in his own right.

KAAZE heard his first house track at age 16 and quickly rushed out to buy his first DJ rig shortly thereafter.

He played his first gig one year later, being so young his mother had to chaperone him to the show.

As he honed his skills behind the decks, his multi-instrumentalist background eased his entry into production, …

…where he began logging countless hours in Logic each day.

Upon moving to Las Vegas, the budding producer took a radical approach to redefining his sound.

“I quit my fan page. I deleted my old media,” he says.

“I needed to find my new self and the sound that would represent me as an artist.”

KAAZE’s steadfast studio ethic and ear for melodic elegance helped emerge a specific bootleg …

…that caught the attention of KAAZE’s idol, Hardwell which changed everything for him in the span of a season.

The Swedish producer began sending daily demos to his newfound musical mentor, …

… solidifying a melodic progressive sound that draws upon his 80s disco and glam rock roots.

Following a summer full of musical exchange, KAAZE received the formal offer to sign with “Hardwell’s Publishing” and join him under his wings.

Hardwell came at the right time for me in my life,” says KAAZE.

“Last year was such a special year for me, there were so many ups and downs and I almost considered to quit making music.”

KAAZE made his solo debut on Revealed Recordings with the release of “Tell Me,” a track that reached Top 2 on Beatport.

In 2017 KAAZE has gotten a huge start with songs like the “Triplet”, that has been named the “The Miami ID of the year”, …

… to his high-profile collaboration with Hardwell, “We Are Legends” which has led KAAZE to the brink of a breakout year!


KAAZE is going sky high with this Opera.

Featuring Elle Vee this track is a true work of art, featuring grand opera vocals and big chords before unleashing a raving drop, full of tension and energy.

Music to get the show going, and the crowd go crazy!

From SPINNIN' Records

Swedish big room house producer and Tiësto protege KAAZE just released a mesmerizing new track entitled ‘Opera.’

Breathing life back into the big room scene, he tapped singer Elle Vee to adorn his production with her beautiful operatic vocals.

The track counteracts the delicate vocals with a glitchy build-up and soaring drop.

The big room genre got a bit stale for a few years but luckily artists like him are trying to bring fresh material to the table.

We expect to hear all the major big room DJs to be spinning this track in the upcoming festival season.

  By Nadia Shamsedin

Swedish prodigy KAAZE has been known for quite some time for his meticulous productions.

The previous year, KAAZE proved undoubtedly that he is a distinctive artist with a signature melodic and powerful progressive house sound.

With releases like “We Are Legends”, along with Hardwell and his notable “ShowKaaze vol. 2″ …

… album, KAAZE foretold that he would be no less in 2018.

Fast forward to now, KAAZE has unveiled his latest creative work in Maxximize, along with renowned vocalist Elle Vee.

This grandiose and intense tune has been entitled “Opera”.

Opera” deviates massively from usual KAAZE’s usual dynamic progressive arrangement.

This particular production, in fact, combines both melodic attribute and vigorous electro house drop to add the perfect twist!

The first breakdown brings forth a siren-like lead synth, adding an atmosphere as the female opera vocal starts with a piano in the backdrop.

Making it elegant and uplifting, the opera vocal soars in this breakdown.

Fading away, another electro lead synth comes in playing a simplistic but effective melody, …

…as the riser slowly intensifies in the backdrop along with another grizzly electro bassline.

Without much wait or delay, the track smoothly transitions to the drop without losing energy. 

Slightly resembling the drop from “The Universe” by Hardwell, the classical grizzly electro bassline synth takes over and dominates.

The drop melody keeps a minimal tone, but KAAZE adeptly chose the sounds to match up with the imposing breakdown.

To add more variations, the electro lead synth catches up, playing the same riff.

The second breakdown introduces lots of new elements, making it feel more kinetic.

Introducing Elle Vee’s enchanting vocal, this final breakdown also introduces a plucky chiming synth in the backdrop along with the kick striking in.

Just before the usual riser, another electro saw synth materializes to play a theatrical melody, embedding even more monumental-ness.

The final drop impacts after a well-paced riser, swooping with hulking energy and stamina.

Summing up, it would not be extravagant to say that “Opera” is a fantastic release from this Swedish artist, definitely one of the best releases of January.

From EDM Reviewer

Function DJ
Gender male
Age 29
Origin Sweden 
Genres electroprogressive
Presence facebookpage instagram snapchat soundcloud spotify twitter



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